Current Version: 0.0.7b - Last Update to this page: 05/02/99.

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Download Shutev0.0.7b EXE
Download Source Code

This game was developed by Joshua Waller, and Philip Hackett during 1997 whilst I (Joshua Waller) was studying 'A' Level Computing at Burnley College. It has been developed using the amazing programming language known as Pascal, and if you want to try it out, then download the EXE of it, it's only 15K!!!!

If you are a pascal programmer yourself and want to have a go at developing this further, in the open source kind of attitude that Linux benefits from, then please feel free to click the download source where you will have to fill in a form, before you can download it. Don't worry though, this is just so I can get your email address, and means that you've agreed to send me back any improvements via email, so that I can put the source (and possibly a re-compiled program for people to play) back on this web page.

Does it sound like fun?? Further enhancements could include things such as...

The list could go on and on! But there are many different routes this game could take, and if you feel like adding your touch to it then go for it! There are more ideas at the end of the source code!