Current Version: 0.0.7b - Last Update to this page: 05/02/99.

Screen Shot 2 Big

Here you can see the game in action! (admittidly it's been stopped!) but you can see the monsters coming down (the #s) and your lone space craft (the yellow triangle) fighting against them! It has a choice of three weapons at the moment, the type being displayed at the top of the screen with the rest of the information, such as your energy level, your score, the number of monsters remaining, and the Delay (which is to do with the speed of the monsters, the lower this number the quicker they get!).

Additionally in version 0.0.7b there is now a "fire tail" on the space craft which flashes, and the information display has been enhanced. Also when the energy reaches certain levels, it changes colour. See the source code for more information as to what's been changed this time.