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  Hello! Welcome to the new "Front Page" by Joshua Waller! (it is still the "home page" also!) I am glad you are here having a look and hope you like the new design! The news used to be on another page, but now, all the news is on this page! Have a look around at all the things, and email me if you want to give me any feedback! My email is goshwa@hotmail.com - I am currently in Liverpool this year...
  01-03-2004: Update! (4 years later!!) Hi, my most recent site is here: joshwaller.tk with links to all my other sites. Alternatively, visit JillaJang which is also regularly updated. If that site ever goes down, just google (or whatever new one takes over?) for 'JillaJang' :) ... below... this site "remains frozen in time forever!" :) ps - there's some impossible to find photos here: mattdec2k.
  06-02-2000: CLOSURE! Hey, yeah, I finally regret to say that this is the last post to this site... I have decided it better to post this here, so that you all now, that this site is no longer updated! Doh! The things that this site did, and are continually updated have now been transferred to other sites of mine. And if there is anything from here, that I will be updating, it will also be moved.

Ok, here's the low-down on what you might wanna find... PC Gunk, has moved to www.josh.org.uk/pcgunk/, that's the PC stuff I do, which if you wanna write for it then, drop me a mail at pcgunk@josh.org.uk.

Downloads, of funky sorts, can be found at my Xoom Download Site, with the following url : http://members.xoom.com/joshimoo/.

The personal, and fun stuff, and all the great links can be found at jww.homepage.com - this is also where you'll find all my creative stuff...

And if you want to link to me, then the site to link to, is www.josh.org.uk as this will have links to all my sites! Cheers for your support and compliments on this site! It's been great and good, and it's a shame to close this huge long-running site down, but it's better to make a fresh start as I'm able to have more control over the new sites, and more focus on what's what! Cheers again, love Josh.

PS - I should be tranferring, or getting a new guestbook for one of my other sites, but feel free to view the guestbook.

  28-10-99: Hi! You need to check out PC Gunk coz' exciting things are happening there, including rapid updates, at least every other day! But anyway, check out my Bro, Ben's, girlfriend's Web Site which is here...
  11-10-99: Nothing much happening, I seem to be updating Pc Gunk more than here, so check that out - but also I have to tell you about a guy I work with called Paul, you can check his web page out here : Paul Ponting's Home Page. Fin.
  03-10-99: Hi! Go see www.josh.org.uk as I have re-designed and moved PC Gunk! - so that's all crazy!!! WOW! A lot of hard work! But it should be nicer to visit now.

Phil Hackett has updated his funky site with some real cool photos! See www.philthy.co.uk

  28-09-99: According to the date, it has been 7 days since I've last updated this site! Golly doesn't time fly, regardless of whether you're having fun or not!

New Page on PC Gunk is here! A Review of IBM GXP and GP Hard Drives by Uffe Merrild looks at the performance differences between new Hard Drives, and even looks at differences the size of your partition can make - you might be shocked!

  21-09-99: Updating everyday? Whats that about eh?? Well, anyway! It's finally done! www.josh.org.uk is there, and complete, and beautiful in both ie and netscape so make sure you go there and check it out for me :o). nothing else yet, but keep your eyes peeled, maybe I have some stuff still up my sleeve. Oh! And I recommend going here if you are interested in buying a new mouse, as my good buddy Uffe, has written a cool article about a mouse.
  20-09-99: www.josh.org.uk - been updating this off-line as the one I put up yesturday is still a temp. thing, and still not perfect (or anywhere near! - you should see how bad it looks in netscape!! he he!), but anyway, hopefully tomorrow, I will put up the really cool version of it!

watched the film 'titanic' !! yeah i know i'm (how late?) 2 years late maybe more, but i never got round to seeing it till now, and... wow!! it's amazing!!

  19-09-99: It feels like there's been a hive of activity this weekend - as I've been busy updating the Super Links and I've changed my Josh's Xoom Download Site a very tiny bit. But the biggest thing is that I've got a super cool url of : www.josh.org.uk - well it's a secret for now until I get it set up! But I've been preparing that, and it's looking very nice indeed. So hopefully soon it'll be all sorted!!

I'm not gonna transfer all my stuff there, it will be a gateway to my sites for the time being and with some cool stuff there too, and then maybe at a later date I'll get everything sorted into one site... ?? Dunno - what's everyone think?!?? Email me!

11:30PM - Biggest thing ever! It's here!! It's on-line!! I've put some stuff there - so check out... www.josh.org.uk !!!!! And the best thing... NO ADDS!!!!!!

  18-09-99: It seems like a long time since I've updated this page! But anyway - here's some news - Ben (my big brother) has updated his web site - you can check it out here... he says:-
"Latest additions are on the Photo's index page with lots of NEW oLd photos added in the NEW retro section, Have a look if only to laugh at my hair cut."

"Also recent additions to the life section if you haven't been there in a while."

And I guess that's about it for now - I have been busy with an assignment for University about the company I am working for this year! You can check out their web site here:- United Biscuits. Bye.


One of the next generation VIA/CYRIX CPUs is called "Joshua"!!!! AWESOME!!!

Check it out at this link... Here - it's in a foriegn language - but the bits that say "Joshua" are in English - so you gotta go see!!

  12-09-99: OK! I finally got round to archiving this page!! To see July99 to Sep99 please click the link at the bottom of this area.

Ah! But better than that! I bring you some really amazingly cool photos of some friends and family, which are from about a week or two ago. Took hours so you better like them 'Kay? :o) Nah, only kidding, I hope you enjoy them! It's called imaginatively "More Photos" so make sure you check it out!

If you want to email your friends about it then here is the full address...


Gary Skelton, please check out the old news, below, as I posted that long story you sent to me, it got a bit messed up but what they hey, eh?!

See archive of July99 to September 99.

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