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Current Version: 0.0.7b - Last Update to this page: 05/02/99.

Download Conditions

You are downloading this source code in good faith, and any improvements you may make will be emailed back to for publication on this web site. The program will not be developed and then released commercially. Credit will be left where code changed, i.e bits you add will include "Added by A. Smith" etc. Additionally space has been provided in the form of a credits screen so that developers names can be added there and displayed whilst program is running.

If any source is taken from this source and used in alternative projects, credit must be given to either myself (Josh) or Phil Hackett, or who-ever wrote that code.

You must fill in this form before download - thank you for your time - and sorry to sound all heavy (man) but if we stick by these rules then it'll all be super groovey (baby). If the form doesn't work you will email me if you change it / enhance it with the new source, or if you can't get a page letting you download the source, then email me and I'll tell you how to get there, okay?

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