This is the Ball

sunday 27th december 1998

this one's lemon...

chocolate chocolate chocolate chocolate chocolate chocolate chocolate chocolate chocolate chocolate chocolate chocolate chocolate...

christmas, man what's been happening over these last few days... been exploring the internet loads which has made it totally seem jam packed full of loads of stuff because it's absolutely great! You can listen to radio stations live from all over the world (here's a link to a big list... Radio List). You can watch cool videos of Dr Katz videos at Comedy Central... erm, what else, you can watch live videos of people, one of them being JenniCam, and also do some neat stuff with your PC like emulate a Sega Genesis/MegaDrive/Master System, Snes, Nes, Arcade machines etc (this is way cool - try this link... ).*

erm... some other stuff, Janet's (one of my computers) Hard Drive totally crashed, so I had to totally re-format it and all the files off it went away (including all my internet pages and graphics, so I may have to download them all from the internet to get them back, but I can't really be bothered). Also I lost all my previous university files and loads of other really important stuff that I didn't have a back-up of.

The computer that I fixed that doesn't belong to me and isn't called Sausages has gone funny again, which I found out today at 11am, I suspect it will be a software problem, so I guess I'll be doing that tomorrow.

We went go-karting today and that was amazingly good. I, like, totally crashed loads of times. It was 10 for half an hour.

Some thoughts about shampoo, like, when you go back to where your parents house is and they have different shampoo than you would normally use, which do you use? I decided to use Timotei, as an alternative to my normal use of V05.

The internet : Ben (my big bro) is into looking at QuickTime 3 Virtual Reality pictures. Ted & Ralph is just starting on TV. and it's by the people who did The Fast Show.

Over to the left of the screen is a picture of this cool ball I bought from Blackburn the other day. It was 2.50. And it's really cool. Anyway, on to some other stuff, I should be adding some more internet pictures to my site of my family.

Ben has been complaining that people don't want to know about what shampoo I use, so I told him to shut-up, my site's allowed to be about nothing, it's allowed to be crap, that's the whole point of it. It's like the Seinfeld of Internet sites.

Hmmm, I wonder why when people shout at you and complain all the time about stuff you do, you feel really crap? Oh well never mind, I might go back to Huddersfield earlier than anticipated. (having too much fun you see.)

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