wednesday 23rd dec 98

well technically it's the 24th of december as it's 1.40am. and that means it's christmas eve. what do i think about christmas? it's okay. what have you been up to today and these past days? not alot.

well, maybe i have been up to stuff, but it kinda depends on how you look at it. i've done the usual thing of buying people presents etc. and i've spent the last few days doing things with computers:-

1. installing windows 95 on a friends computer - computer's called sausages.
2. fixing a computer i sold (software problem with umax's drivers - no fault of my own.)
3. putting a modem in family computer, upgrading chip in it and mat re-installed windows. - computer's called bob.
4. upgrading my 486 by replacing the motherboard with a pentium (socket 7) motherboard, putting a chip from the family computer into it and putting it all in a nice new case. - computers called janet (after janet jackson)

this has meant that a) there are two pentium computers in the house and b) WE'VE BEEN ABLE TO PLAY LINK UP QUAKE! DOOM! AND GRAND THEFT AUTO!!!!

So that's been really cool. I also went to a Christmas Ball on a friday (18th) and that was fair neato. almost went to see prince of egypt the following day - so if you haven't seen it by the time you get back to huddersfield and want someone to go with you then give me a bell/buzz/holler etc.

sunday?* dunno. monday?* dunno. tuesday?* oh yeah, went to a friends house in the evening and watched speed on the telly which was okay.

apart from all this - how've you been feeling Josh? hmmm... dunno, kinda weird, i don't know what to do with christmas really, it's kind of a strange period - it's got lots of memories from the last year(s) and i think that i've distanced myself from christmas from remembering so many (2) bad christmasses.

also another thing (mentioned by a groovey chick in hudds) was that going back to where you're from is kinda weird coz' you may have just got settled in the place where you are at for uni. then it can be difficult adjusting to being somewhere else for a while. and i felt like i didn't fit in and know anyone back here, and had to re-adjust after just trying ages to re-adjust to being in hudds. it's strange, but i guess you just get on with it as though it doesn't bother you that you don't fit in too well, and don't know anyone, like you have been doing at uni. hmmm. i shouldn't mind too much though coz' i guess it's been like that here for ages, and i do have close friends and that's what matters.

oh i've just remembered what else i thought, like when you go back to where you've spent the majority of 2,3,4 (i dunno how long!) years at and go back to hang out with the same people you remember bad experiences you've had during those two years (or at least i do), even though they don't effect you now, you can't help feeling them and even though they could be as super nice, now, as the people you have met in hudds, you don't feel that they are. hmm, that's a bad thing i think, and it's probably my fault.

some thoughts i've been having on turning 19 on the 3rd of march 1999. like, getting old is sometimes scarey when you're around my age coz' like you're losing your youth and the numbers suddenly shout out to you 'be an adult, be mature, be sensible, stop having fun' and it's not groovey. but i think 18 year olds think more about turning 19 than say a 36 year old turning 37, but i don't know. doesn't matter though. oh yeah, and my advise to those of you worried that they'll have to be more serious etc when they get older, don't be! be young, be crazy and have fun, and be happy!+

anyway - i think i will go to sleep now, and i hope you have a merry christmas and stuff and a groovey new year. bye bye.

* i think these days must all involve doing things with computers.

+ erm... please ignore me, i have no influence in your life, please excuse my crazy advise, but be happy.

Page Joshua Waller 02/12/98.
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