1998 year review


A look back at some of the stuff i can remember from 1998.


January 1998

Spent most of this month sort of seeing a cool girl, but realised that i was beeing foolish as i liked someone else at the time or something like that, even though this person was super groovey.

Also i think at the beginning of this month i was really hurt by a friend. Stopped trusting people.


Febuary 1998

My best friend and me were beaten up by two "youths" whilst walking to the bus station after going to the cinema. After they had beaten us up (my friend more severley than me) they took some money from us (about 6 - i think). We went to the police but they couldn't do anything coz' we didn't know what they looked like (it was dark you see). It was in the local paper too, which i though was cool.

I started working as a glass collector in a local nightclub as an addition job to working as a shop floor assisstant.


March 1998

I finished working at the nightclub six weeks after starting, as it was affecting my college attendance.

I became 18 on the third of March.


April 1998

Don't know.


May 1998

I think i took some exams around this time, maybe. I think this was the beginning of the summer holidays - talked to a friend for the first time about how i felt about stuff.


June 1998

Not sure.


July 1998

I think this month two of my friends and me went on holiday for two weeks in Ibiza. Met two really nice people who helped me be more open. Starting to trust people more.


August 1998

Got my a level results and quit my job as a shop floor assistant. I didn't like it much.


September 1998

Didn't i start university at sometime during this month?


October 1998

Decided to sort things out and try and live a proper 'christian' life, decided to really try and put God first in my life.

Been able to hang out more with a friend in Leeds coz' Huddersfield's right next to it. Been able to be really open with people through gradually changing over the year.


November 1998

Big brother ben from New Zealand back in Britain for a couple of months.

Getting closer to God and re-dedicated my life to God. Figured getting to know people takes time...


December 1998

...Quite a lot of time, if possible at all!

I've only been at university for three months now, and it seems like it's been so long, and seems as though so much has been happening.

Been back at "home" for two weeks now and have seen old youth friends about 3 times at most (socially - seen 'homeys' quite a lot more)! Which surprises me.

So what do I think about 1998 as a whole, I don't know! It's always surprising looking back and thinking, why did that happen, or how did I get here, and it amazes me how cool God is, that after such a rocky year, I'm able to learn so much and that God's been there helping me along, helping me learn and all sorts of other groovey stuff without me even knowing about it!

Other things that I can remember learning from this year, is how independent you're expected to be and how strong you're expected to be. It's like you're expected to be totally capable of living without any support, or at least a lot of the time you are, although you're not if you've got a relationship with God, coz' He's there at all times. So I guess I shouldn't worry too much.

Another thing I can't miss out is to do with financial stuff, coz' that's what this World seems to live on. It's been weird, like, at the moment I don't have a clue as to whether I've spent too much, or whether I will have enough for the next term and the rest of the year. Anyway - I don't suppose it matters too much coz' there's a real cool Bible verse that says that if I seek after God first then He'll sort me out with the stuff I need, and then there's another one that says that I shouldn't worry about the clothes on my back, coz' God will sort it out, 'He even cares for the birds, so how much more must He care for us!' (Paraphrased by Josh - from the Bible.)

Anyway, I hope your year was okay and lets see what happens in this next year, hey?


One more thing...

Album of the Year!

the prodigy experience

I would like to nominate the prodigy experience, released in 1992, as my album of the year for 1998, this is one album that I know I will be listening to well into 1999. Check out their web site at www.prodigy.co.uk.

dc talk - supernatural

And the runners up prize goes to this super album from dc Talk, coz' I really like it. Have you seen them on BOX yet? Check out their web site at www.dctalk.com.


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