Josh wearing a Chrismas hat, yeah right, as if!  Joshua Waller 1998 - I drew it myself!
Wednesday 25th November 1998

Yeah, basically that's it. I'm broke, and I'm overdrawn about 75 and I only had a 100 overdraft, so I thought I'd go ask them for some more, so now I have the option of being overdrawn 200, which will help for a while. Hopefully till I get my Student Loan.

Anyway, Tesco sell cola with a twist of lemon, for like 45p (for a litre). It's quite nice and smells all lemony. I like it. What else? Oh like, why is brown bread more expensive than white bread? Huh? Please email if you know.

Christmas Image  Joshua Waller 1998 - I drew it myself!

Like, it's gonna' be christmas soon and stuff, so maybe I'll spend a bit of time finding some nice Christmas graphics to put on some of these Josh day pages. (I've figured out how to do transparent gifs, so maybe I'll use some of them!) Wow and like being broke makes it totally difficult to buy your friends birthday presents and lovely Christmas presents, so if I don't get you anything this Christmas or for your birthday then you'll know why (well, granting that you've read this, and not got bored and gone to find some nice pictures of sloths, or Jack Russells).

Some other stuff I've been learning from the Bible... Romans 12 v17 says "do what is right in the eyes of everybody", so if I do anything that bugs you, or that's wrong, let me know. Also it's good to start today obeying God in the little things i.e. Bible Reading in my case. And it's also important to let the people around you see your love and faith and purity in every situation.

Anyway, I'll leave you to it now, have fun, and stuff. I've got quite a heavy work-load, and a busy week, with lots of stuffs happening, so I best not use too much time doing this. Josh.