Sunday, 15th November 1998.

this world makes me cry, fourteen year olds wanting to commit suicide, from seeing the state that this world is in. i myself one of these people once, or maybe still, hearing about someone feeling as i did when i was 14...

please try making this world better so that people would not feel this way. please try with the little things you do, because these little things, when good, and added up, make a lot of good. and little things you do that are bad, added up make up a lot of bad.

i ask you this from my heart, you might save someones life.

please try to understand people, even if it seems impossible, be sensitive and patient. think what might become of a harsh word, and then think what you can do with kindness.

please pray for my friend - things like this often don't go away within a week, it took two to four years for this to go away from me.

joshua waller