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30-05-99: As of the date above, all the news is now on the Home Page so please go there, if you want the latest news about this web site. Thanks!

29-05-99: Wowee, zowee! Fun Things to do with a 486 is finally on-line!! So that's cool, please check it out and give me some feedback! Also I am experimenting with a change to my Home Page, please have a look at index2.htm and tell me which you prefer, or if you see a site you think i should design mine after then let me know - the email, as always, is goshwa@hotmail.com

28-05-99: Hello bunny people! I think I like this style of updates more than the other longer version. Anyway I've updated PC Gunk a bit, and there should soon be some new pages there, namely "Fun things to do with a 486" and a special article by a guy called Uffe Merrild, about the effect changing CPUs has on your machine (PC). Hopefully this is just the start of a more community feel to my, sorry this, web site. I should be updating the "I love Joanne Fothergill" page soon with details of the "Appreciation Society" in her honour. Thanks. Email me if you have any suggestions. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I got rid of the Message board on my PC Gunk site also. I have ended up, updating the Lard House (!!!) and stuff, and changed the homepage a tiny bit. I'm thinking that my 486 page should be going on line soon!!! That'll be fun! Erm, also Bens got a new short easy to remember url... http://autobahn.to/benwaller - if you want to use that instead...

18-05-99: Sorry don't have time to make this as neat as before. But anyway. I have enough people wanting the 486 now, so the offer of the free 486 has finshed. Also I Love Joanne Fothergill has been updated, with new pictures and more correct information on it. Have fun - josh! (And if you meet me in Active Worlds - link below - then I'm called "Joshi-Moo" and hang out in Atlantis and Yellow Stone National Park most of the time)

14th May 1999
Blimey! On the 10th the counter was on 1666, now it's on 1793 - an increase in 127 "hits" in 4 days!! Yikes, how'd this site suddenly get so popular, maybe it's just the fact that all my friends are starting to get on-line.

If you are interested in an internet capable and 3D games capable PC, I was working it out the other day and for a P333, 64mb RAM, 3.2GB HD, 8mb AGP i740 Graphics, 56.6K V90 Modem, 15" Monitor, CD-ROM, etc, Win 98, it'd be about 500. 430 if you already have Windows 95/98 which you can pick up second hand for 20. - Oh, I forgot to mention, I build them, i.e. if you buy it from me and pay an extra 20 to me for building it, and this price is for a good system, you can get internet capable stuff for way less.

Oh yeah, and I've got a 486 that I'm gonna give away, with CD-ROM and stuff, it's not brilliant, but okay. So make sure you find out about that from the Home Page. I'd like to give it to someone who doesn't have a PC if at all possible. Not some dude who just wants to own billions of PCs (like me!).

But anyway, the real reason for this post was, that I found an absolutely hilarious web site entitled Windows 95 vs. Jesus Christ! So make sure you check it out! It's in the style of Lee and Herring jokes.

Mini Disclaimer - The sites linked to above: I do not claim any responsability for, and they may be found offensive, in the case of the Lee and Herring one, it may be found extremely offensive, sorry! It is known to include swearing and stuff like that, but I think they do have a warning on their site, so it is not my liability but theres. And sorry for telling you about them too but they're very funny!

13th May 1999
Okay, I couldn't keep it a secret any longer, but I love Joanne Fothergill and have set up this page in honour of her click here.

Also updated my Super Links page to make it better and more understandable and stuff after seeing some other peoples web pages they inspired me! Oh and I seem to be sticking to that "putting the date last updated on homepage" thing, even if it does mean that each time I update a page I have to update two others also (this and home) whereas before I would have just had to update this.

12th May 1999
Things include... text only pages removed to make space for better things!! stuff for sale updated... deleted some files that weren't being used... updated some pages with old email address on... updated disclaimer... (a little) gonna put dates after links to show when section last updated... (in the future) (maybe - depends whether i think it's a good idea or not)

Okay, I didn't notice it yesturday, but I broke my Home Page, you may have noticed it have a white background? Well that was form adding some sound call in the head of the HTML, but anyway, it didn't occur in IE5 and Netscape 4.5 so I didn't notice. Also the sound I've added only seems to work in IE5, Netscape 4.06 and Netscape 4.5x (or rather these are the ones I tested with and had success with). But who cares, you can click this link if you want to hear it... and haven't heard it on the Home Page... The Sound! and it'll either let you save it to disk or listen to it, I don't know. But have fun anyway.

10th May 1999
Okay what's I been doing?
That's it, well it's not all today, but a compilation of days. Mainly today though. Also here's what my counter said for a while!!

Counter at 1666 : Moooo!!!

9th May 1999
Okay, added a something, can't remember what it's called, but anyway - added a little animal thing to my web site, I like, adopted it or something. See my Home Page.

Also been having some fun with an N64 emulator on my PC, been playing Mario Kart 64, looks nice, but not as nice as my PC games. Fun though, go find Ultra something somewhere, and give it a go!

8th May 1999
Update PC GUNK's page called PC Links a tiny bit. Nothing exciting really.

Anyway - here's some news: keep your eyes peeled for a new section in PC Gunk to do with MAME (the PC arcade emulator) - it might be good!

28th April 1999
Hi there, go to Ben Waller's Web to see his latest updates! It's cool! Anyway, been messing and I've got some message boards... I don't know whether they're any good yet and stuff. You might even have to be a member of tripod to use them, which would totally suck coz' that's not how I want I want. If you know how to set up a cgi script Message board with Tripod that doesn't require people to join tripod, then please email me goshwa@hotmail.com. All my mail has gone at the moment so - if you've mailed me please re-mail me. sorry. Hotmail say they might be able to re-install all the mail.Links to the message boards are on my Home Page and a special one in PC Gunk.

27th April 1999
Okay, I'll admit it I've just been spending hours surfing the net, I'm surprised, it's been ages since I've actually been having fun whilst on the net but I've been exploring my own site and quite amazed at how big it is! Anyhoo (my new word! don't know where I've got it from) Jeff Minter has made his web site AWESOME!! and I mean AWESOME!!! - make sure you check it out at Jeff Minter's Site.

Latest - Actually added the News page to PC Gunk.

Adding a NedStat Counter to my PC GUNK page. Hope to upload a new Tech and Internet News page to PC Gunk, hopefully tomorrow. Who knows. Kinda' very busy with University work at moment so don't really have much time to spare!

I got a 57% in my Computing Maths test that I had weeks and weeks ago, not very impressed myself, but the teacher guy said the average was 40%. sigh.

The "hits" counter on the Home Page has overtaken the Atari Menu and is now something around 1,400+ which is cool.

Have you checked out Jeff Minter's web site yet? ...have you?

26th April 1999
Success! Overclocked my Celeron 300a to 450Mhz! I've worked on the PC GUNK section, and am ready to officially launch it on my front page. It has details about overclocking the Celeron, some Links, and some other stuff. I worked on the style of it, ie. the orange and blue images on my 486 with 4mb ram last night!!!! It's quite amazing how quick Windows 3.1 is on a machine that cost you 30!! Anyway, hope you like, please feel free to email! goshwa@hotmail.com.

25th April 1999
Today has been good! I've downloaded some Playstation emulators, and I've been down to blockbuster video to rent a Playstation game out, and I've been playing with that for ages, trying to get something good to work. I've seen three emulators, two I tried, and Bleem! seems to be the best at running the stuff! (Ridge Racer 4) I'm gonna' try Psyke next!

Also, since the iAMIGA prototype page was uploaded last night at 2am, there have been 118 "Hits" !!! (it's 12.25am now)

Also, I've been trying to get free internet access from X-Stream (try www.x-stream.co.uk if you're in the U.K.) using their 0800 number, but I can't get through, and one time I did, my machine crashed!

23rd April 1999
Latest news... there's an interesting web page at... iAMIGA prototype... check it out if you're interested.

Hello, guess what? My brother Ben Waller, has done a super duper web site which you can get to if you click this link... Ben Waller's Web Site. It's really cool. I've added a link to it in Super Links and also a link to wm65 - Another Waller Site.

Also, Joanne Fothergill signed my guestbook which is really cool, and a hole heap of other people.

10th April 1999
So it's the 10th of April, and it's been nearly two weeks since I've done anything to this web site, I feel bad about that, like I'm not doing my job right, because I feel like Web Sites should be updated all the time to stay cool. But anyway, I've done another Josh's Day thing, (oh no!!), and anyway if you click This completely mis-appropriately named link then you are more than likely to get there and see it. So there you go, have fun, email me, and remember the email address is goshwa@hotmail.com okay?

28th March 1999
I was actually hoping to get an early night tonight!! But what the hey! Anyway, I've made some text on the home page more white so that it matches the "Joshua Waller's Web Site" graphics. I'm hoping it looks all silvery and nice for you. Tell me what you think by signing my guestbook (scroll to bottom of homepage).

My computer tells me that it's the 28th today, and I've just got this photo, that you can see on the front page, so I thought I'd scan it in - put it on - and let you see it, maybe I could change the front page photo every month. It's a photo of Marcos, Thuy and Paul, and the text was done after seeing Marcos' web site (which is at Marcos' Web Site. (which doesn't seem to be working today...)) which I haven't put a link to yet coz' it only works with Internet Explorer, and I'm kinda against being browser specific.

23nd March 1999
Hi, done a new section called PC Gunk which I hope to expand further at the moment, but presently is just a link to a page of links that I got tired of typing in all the time, so that is why I have notput it as a new section on the home page... but I will when it gets it's proper release, when I've actually done it!

22nd March 1999
Hey there super man. Not alot. Things are gonna be busy here on my last week ofuniversity for the term. I have two tests this week (one i think i should definitely revise for) and one group assignment to be doing to hand in on wednesday. My computer Janet has a functional 64mb SDRAM in it, which I got from another shop after Ram gave me a refund. But alas... I offered to sell Janet to someone and they wanna buy itso there you go. Don't worry I'll keep updating this site over easter, and may even do some stuff cool, there's heaps of stuff on Janet at Halls that I've never uploaded that I hope to one day. Oh yeah, I got an A- in the Java test I had a couple of weeks ago. That's all. See ya' soon and have a lovely easter (and life).

18th March 1999
Nothing new, becuase my computer at home is non functional, Ram Computers, Huddersfield sold me some dodgy memory (64mb SDRAM) so I'm gonna go back today to either get a replacement or a refund. Quite weird not having my computer at home working. But that's what's been going on. Any plans for future updates? Not that I know of at the moment although I'll let you know if I do.

Huddersfield Christian Union's Web Site seems to be being updated weekly so that's cool. You should check it out every wednesday or something and it should have been updated.

11th March 1999
Hey there, actually uploaded this page today and added the special daily news bit which you can see above.

10th March 1999
I decided to start a fresh NEWS! page, as the other one was taking a bit too long to download. So here it is! This new page. Pity about the main theme of my web site being black, coz' I'm getting a bit bored of everything being black. But nevermind, at least this page should look nicer than the old one. But I know it's not too different as well, but I gotta' stick to the theme or else it'll look a bit weird.

Man, I gotta get a spell checker, coz' you know that page I did the other day, Josh's Day 8th March 99? Well, I spelt Millennium wrong, and now if you want to find it with Altavista, then you have to spell it millenium, not millennium!!

Started 10/03/99 - HOME
Page Joshua Waller 1999.

"What happens when marmalade and chocolate collide? Now there's something I wouldn't want to see! Uergh!!" - Josh 10/03/99
This isn't really here, ha ha ha! But anyway, just in case it is, remeber there are 4 hidden pages that you can have a go at finding if ya want! This line IE4 enhanced - not my fault - it's Microsofts idea to have this enhancement!!