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Isn't it funny how the best bit of COCO POPS (formally CHOCO KRISPIES and primarily COCO POPS) is the chocolate milk you get afterwards. But the best things about CHOCO FLAKES is both the chocolate milk afterwards and also the flakes!

The thing about Wheetos though, is that you have to leave them till they go a bit softer, and then they're nice. But you don't get as much chocolate milk from them, and I got a headache afterwards.

Peow Meow! Peow Meow!

Sorry this is so lame everybody - Make sure you check out the rest of my site! :o) Snarf Snarf Thundercats are Go!!! Ste Hill is a star because he remembered this site and told me to update it re: the name of COCO POPS.

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