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Click this to see About Me, Joshua Waller Well, it looks like I'm finding it difficult to find things that havn't already been covered on the Internet, as there's some great Atari pages! Compared to mine that is, with only a small number of pages covering only a small amount of information! But I'm trying not to cover things that other people have already done, because I may as well just give a link to their page! And as they always do in opinion pages, a picture of the guy having the opinion, is to the left.

I've been considering a History page for the Atari scene, but it seems that this is what nearly every Atari site already contains! So what's left to cover? Well, one thing that I have been thinking recently is that it seems too easy to cover things about Atari's past, much like a historian. But what I want to know is whether the Atari pages are from Atari users, or from PC users? In the later case it may seem that they are PC users, and giving historical web pages to the Atari community. But, the real Atari users are those that are looking at today, how the Atari is used everyday, and how it will be used tomorrow.

This is what we need, Atari pages that look at how to use your Atari to it's full, whether it be an emulator running on a PII-450 (for example) or an original ST from 1985. Not pages looking at what we used to do with them!

One thing that I would be interested in though, is a one off set of disks that would install everything you need to get your Atari running on the Internet, rather than having to piece together some kind of SLIP/PPP software underneath a browser, and other programs, something like one of these discs available for the PC from Compuserve etc. This would make it much easier for ST people to get on-line. And it seems that apart from a few paper publications, being on-line is the only way that many Atari users can get any support!

On the subject of using Ataris, and my seeming 'hypocritical' attitude, since I have looked at machines from the past i.e. the ST Book, it is not the case. I have the need for having a portable computer, and rather than buy a PC portable I thought it would be better to get an ST Book, then I could run Calamus etc, on the move. But having looked at an Atari site it was estimated that only 1000 were sold. So, my chances are going down! (ST User reported in December 1992 that 'Atari's latest comment was that it was never planned for the UK anyway!') My chances fall down even further! Another famous Atari web site says that the ST Book was made of weak plastic and was delicate... hmmm, are any going to still work? :o(

Perhaps Atari secretly had problems with the manufacture of such a wonder machine! Perhaps someone should speak up! Where are the Mr. Tramiels now? If Atari could manage to produce 1000 ST Books in 1992 and sell it for 1200, then couldn't some enterprising company produce an Atari Clone Portable with more than twice the power of the original ST Book and still fit it into the same sized case? Instead of another Atari Tower boxed clone, why not develop a portable? The music industry needs such a thing, doesn't it??

I suggest we need to start a new movement, the movement for Atari Now!, the movement for Atari Rocks!, where STs are used to their full! Not just talked about as something from the past! Feel free to use the graphics at the bottom, and link to a site you know of that calls for the use of Ataris today and tomorrow! Tell me about your Atari Now! / Atari Rocks! site and I'll put a link to it!


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