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This is the next lot of photos for your pleasure! Thought I'd do it on several pages so it saves on your download time, and you're not waiting for one big page... which would take ages!!

Click on the little thumbnail to see the larger picture of it. Also - Move your mouse over an image to see a description of it! Anyway, hope you like them, and if you use them, then remember that they are all copyright Joshua Waller 1999 so make sure you give me some credit, and don't use for any commercial use and stuff. Please email me if you are gonna use them, thanks. (sorry to be heavy, but it's true.) Enjoy :o)

This was when we were playing Sharades, Vanessa is trying to get us to figure out what she's doing! Gray here is either very annoyed with someone, or it trying to say the number 2 Simon, sitting in the chair in which, he later fell asleep in. Matt (my bro) wearing my shirt and drying a chopping board, gosh it doesn't get much more exciting than this!!
13 - hmmm... I think this is me, but I'm not too sure, yeah it is!  I'm pulling a silly face here... 14 - Matt my brova is learning to drive you know - he's failed 2 tests so far... 15 - Tony Tea Loadsa Money Hewitt Showing us how it's done! 16 - Tony, Chris and Thingy... forgot name, doh!

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