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  Hello! Welcome to the new "Front Page" by Joshua Waller! (it is still the "home page" also!) I am glad you are here having a look and hope you like the new design! The news used to be on another page, but now, all the news is on this page! Have a look around at all the things, and email me if you want to give me any feedback! My email is - I am currently in Liverpool this year, so please ring me on 0403 819 272 and sign my guestbook!
  02-07-99: Okay, now is really the time that I should archive this news page, and start a fresh one! But since I do not yet have my own Internet connection here in Liverpool, it will have to wait!! So anyway, what's new? Well, I'm really enjoying my new job that I have here in Liverpool for a year. I'm working late tonight and one of the things to persuade me to stay was the internet! So here I am...

Some really cool news, Yakin PC have added a link to my PC Gunk site, which is real cool of them, Aces Hardware have just put up an excellent article about "The right CPU for your games" (with a link to an article on my PC Gunk site!!!! WOW!!), and VIA have bought Cyrix!!!!!!!!! WOW!!! As far as I am aware VIA are a motherboard manufacturer, and if you were born yesturday, then I'll tell you that Cyrix are a cool set of people who design (and almost make?!?) CPUs. (and if you needed that explaining, then you'll need me to explain that CPUs are the big brain inside the computer that thinks about stuff to make your computer work.) Also JCs News N' Links have added a link to the PC Gunk Site so that's dead cool too :o).

Well, that was the news bit done, I think, and I hope, I mean I really hope that I am online really soon, with a phone line in my room in Liverpool, then I can check my Hotmail, and get on with doing some updates to this site!!! I've even bought a modem, and it's just sitting on top of my computer waiting to be used!! Okay, that's all for now, love Josh!

Oh! I forgot to mention that (e.g. Phil's Web Site) has been updated! It's got some new stuff on there, like a guestbook and stuff, and I just don't know which url to use anymore, but I guess they all get ya' to the same place so who cares!? I didn't check any other of my friends' sites for updates, so I'm not sure about them... but if you have a site and want me to post news about it being updated then... email me on - Thanks!

  26-06-99: It has been too long! And I have been away for too long! I have moved to Liverpool, and havn't got Internet Access there yet! Argh! And I come back and find that I got one of my first nasty emails ever from some person in the UK, which read "Remind me never to visit your site again". Which I quickly deleted as it would be too much effort, and make no sense at all the email people telling them not to visit my web site, more likely it would just make them more likely to actually visit my site!

Anyway, enough of the bable, on with some more bable! I have used far too much of my tripod web space with the Jeri Ryan zip so I should really move it to some other site I guess, but it takes too much effort, of which I have none at the moment.

When I am depressed I often write songs, and for lack of anywhere to put it, or for the simple fact I can't be bothered creating a new "Josh Day" page... here it is...

one night you came into my world
can I get you out

this night you don't want me
can I get you out

wanting you more and more
can I get you out

your smile, your sweet caress
can I get you out

It's Copyright Joshua Waller 1999. And it's called "Stone". If you don't like my site, please tell me why! Thanks, Josh.

[13:32 GMT]
Perhaps I should get a life or something? Anyway, check out Phil Hackett's Web Site for some top downloads of the music stylee (massive!) and see his new groovey stylee gfx. [ah-yeah]. top tunes of the name of the title of "New Life Rap" is very awesome! Also I've added the Yakin PC link to my PC Gunk Links. So there, okay?

  17-06-99: Hey, I have added another link to my PC Gunk Links, and if you like Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine from Star Trek : Voyager) then hopefully (if my ftp was successful!!) - when you click this link : - you should be able to download a big zip of loads of nice pictures of her! (To save you all the hassle of going to loads of people's web sites and individually clicking on a picture, then looking, then clicking back and then clicking on the next picture and so on...)
  16-06-99: Hello! I have been to today. Erm, I also have some stuff to upload that needs to go in the Josh Day section, and I wanted to say something else also, oh! I saw Matrix the other day!! Man it's so awesome, it's the best film I have seen for years - you gotta go see it!! So anyway, later today I hope to upload the Josh Day thing... keep checking back...

[23:03 GMT]
Okay, I'm back, and I'll tell you what I've done today... I've uploaded Josh's Day Various Days including 1st Jan 99, 5th Jan 99, 9th June 99, and 15th June 99, and also The Final Message! (you'll have to read that to find out about that one!). So that's all exciting! Also, some other top news, is that I went to VooDooExtreme and got a Banshee Tweeking thing, so that I could overclock my Banshee to 110 core and 120 memory! So that's cool too, it's been running all day perfectly :o) - and I also installed a PS/2 Mouse port into my parents PC. Too exciting or what!!?? Oh and if you're bored then click on this link. (ps - don't click it if you are easily freaked out!!)

I even updated the Josh Day Menu to reflect the updates, man I'm good to you! The updated bits are in italic (for some strange reason! probably because I put html in there to do it, doh!). Oh, and if that wasn't enough, here's a link to a really funny PC site... and an especially funny page is about Overclocking.

[00:59 GMT]
Okay so really it's the next day, right? Yup, and I'm really tired, but anyway, I've updated my PC Gunk Links and made it quite nice and added all the sites I wanted to add! If you have a site you'd like to recommend, then make sure you email me!! Doh! I've just remembered that I've forgotten to add a link!! DOH!!!

  12-06-99: Very minor updates today, to PC Gunk, I updated the PC Gunk Links page, and the PC Gunk Articles page very slightly. Interesting stuff huh?!? Oh and I hope to be updating my PC Gunk Links page more soon, so if you have any PC type links that you think I should add to that, then let me know okay? One thing that's really cool that I gotta tell you about is... iMac Toilet Thing!
Okay, I think I've got this to work with Opera, Netscape, and IE without messing up on any of them! (or at least I hope so!) I mean this page.
  09-06-99: Wow! The article called Upgrading From a K6-2 to a K6-III, What To Expect by Uffe Merrild, is now online!! It is in the PC Gunk Articles section that I have added to PC Gunk! And it's a cool article about upgrading a PC to the AMD K6-3 processor with some cool graphs showing results from Unreal and 3DMark 99max. Make sure you have a look!!
  08-06-99: Okay, here we are, and here is an updated Fun Things To Do With a 486 page - so make sure you check it out dude!
It's almost still the 8th, kind of, and I've been clearing out some pictures on my site that are no-longer linked to... You might remember that there used to be some pages called "one" and "NewsMobile-On-Line", well I decided to stop supporting them, because they weren't going anywhere, nor did they ever go anywhere!
Also Phil Hackett has updated his site, so if you click on his name then you'll get there!! Oh, and there's a new secret page, but I'm not gonna tell you what it is... I'll give you a clue though... what does the green light mean? Email me if you find it and tell me whats on it (i.e. describe) and I'll think you're really clever!
  06-06-99: Well, I've completed three of the tasks set out yesturday, one being "a screenshot of a reall cool program I got", the next being "some pictures of friends" and finally "where I live", and all on one page!! Well, that makes it easier... have a look at Pics, Friends, and Where I live! I hope you like it! I have also been working on the "Meet My Wife" page, and have been scanning in some pictures!
Also, the PC Gunk site could be updated soon, because Uffe Merrild has got his AMD K6-3 450 (wow!) so he is now able to work on his article!! Yay!
  05-06-99: Okay it's the Fifth of June, 1999. And there's a special site I want to tell you about called Phil Hackett's Web Site - I think I should have updated my Super Links soon also. Oh and one totally cool thing I think I should tell you about it CPUReview have posted a message about my Fun things to do with a 486 page!! Also I have updated the I Love Joanne Fothergill Page with details about the "Joanne Fothergill Appreciation Society" and a new web site about Joanne Fothergill.
Updates to this site I hope to be doing in the future are... an update to my 486 page mentioned above because I have got various suggestions about it, and we've actually got Linux running on our 486 at home!!! Other updates I might do include a "Meet My Wife Page", a screenshot of a reall cool program I got, and some pictures of friends and where I live. Keep checking back for details!!
  02-06-99: The second of June!! Argh i have a really scarey exam today!! At 3pm!! Till 6pm!!! Argh!! But anyway, I've added a link to my Super Links page to OuTpaTienT's Web Site which I think is really cool! There's some really cool pictures of his cat and lots of other stuff that looks cool.
  01-06-99: The First of June eh? Well, I'll be! Anyway, the latest news is that I've got two new urls' you can get here by... one to get you here, is and the other is to get you to my PC Gunk site and that is and they are all you need to type into a browser to get here!! (so extra useful if you're trying to tell people my url (web page address)).
A guy called Josh Hall signed my guestbook and said "Tell me how to build a homepage", well lots of people have asked me about this, and many people who do html are like, "Well, it's really really easy but if we tell people then no-one will pay us heaps of cash to do web pages for them.", so I could take that tone, so that people pay me to do them, but no, right from the start of my web site (around Feb 98 - over a year old!!!!) I have been saying to people "Just do it, it's really easy!"

There are basically three steps to doing your own homepage!

  1. Read a guide to html (see Super Links).
  2. Join a web server like Tripod.
  3. Erm and then make a page called "index.htm"
I hope that helps, if you do want me to do a more thorough guide, then either sign my guestbook, or email me, and I'll try do that! If you want a link to your site on my page, then also email, and email all your friends my url (!
PS - Sorry to people using Netscape, there seems to be some weird stuff going on with it, with this page, I can't figure out why (aargh!!) but if you can then please email me!! Thanks!

Big thanks to OuTpaTienT for helping me fix this for those of you with Netscape!! Cheers!

  30-05-99: Well the latest news is, this page! Yes, the News page and the Home Page have been merged into one to become the Front Page! It's very exciting and much nicer than my other attempt at re-designing my home page! It's been a bit of a pig to do, but it looks nice, and was inspired by a Barclays bank add in the Radio Times. The old news has been archived, so you can still see that if you want.
  29-05-99: Wowee, zowee! Fun Things to do with a 486 is finally on-line!! So that's cool, please check it out and give me some feedback! Also I am experimenting with a change to my Home Page, please have a look at index2.htm [off line] and tell me which you prefer, or if you see a site you think i should design mine after then let me know - the email, as always, is

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