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this one's lime...

I liked that, that was really neat.

Happy new year from Josh, this is a picture of me at 2.30am on the 1st of January 1999 after being scanned on my scanner and edited a bit (!) with PhotoShop. (erm well it was gonna be once upon a time)

See you soon.


hi, isn't it weird how when you are really depressed, 50% of the time you can never find anything good to watch on tv.

anyway, i'm tired and have a headache so i'm gonna' go to sleep and not bother doing this.


hi, it's been so long since i've done one of these things, but i thought i would, as there's actually stuff that's been happening in my life, or rather too much stuff has been going on for me to take time to do one of these, and now university is finally over i can take the time to do this...

so anyway, i'd like to talk about depression amongst other things. nah skip that.

so anyway, i went out with a girl for about a week recently, it was nice, but she wasn't "the one", so i wonder whether there is actually "the one" ya know, out there, but i believe there is someone i will meet that is the one for me, who's totally perfect for me, although my belief in this dwindles as i go on, but it doesn't matter too much. there are lots of other stuffs going on in my life as to not make it matter too much.

and i wonder about my walk with God, and whether, or rather why, I'm not doing too good, recently anyway, perhaps this is because i'm back in Nelson, where this is the place where i spent 2 years being lazy and doing nothing, and i fall into my old routine as i always do when i'm here.

i'm moving to liverpool in less that two weeks, in fact, ten days from now, where i'll be starting a job with a big company doing PC User-Support for the companies PCs, as part of my university courses' placement year. i only just found out about the house I will be living in a couple of days ago, so things are quite worrying, and i've got to fill in a grant application form. also i have some kind of thing i have to do for university yet, as will all things related to university, they have not clearly told me what i have to do next, as they expect all the students to have not got placements (as only about 10 out of 160 HND students actually have!!).

Anyway, I'll write some more later as someone's at the door...


The last three mornings I have been dreaming about the same thing, meeting a really amazing girlfriend, yesturday she met someone else and I was really upset, today however, I was going out with someone and then met someone else, and ended up going out with the second person I met. Also, each of these three days, I have had music in my head before I have woken up, and I know it's definitely in my head, and not being played in the real world coz' yesturday it was "Salt of The Earth", a local band, that I have a tape of, which is in my draw. Today it was The Corrs, their new song, with some other irish band. The first day I can't remember the song... (or the dream!)

Anyway... background inspired by a Delirious? Gig, in Manchester I went to.

Okay, da final message: Like I'm going to work for a company for a year, in Liverpool, so it's unlikely that I'll be keepin' the "Josh Day" Section up to date, like, but who knows? Anyway, the rest of my site will be kept updated okay? Cool.





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