1st March 1999

We'll see...

Found today quite difficult really, nothing seems to have gone right. Hmmm, that's not fun, although there was one good bit, I got back some photos and they are really good.

Okay, here's what happened today, well I went to Uni for the day and I even went in early to check my email and stuff like that, and the day seemed to go quickly. But anyway it got to around 2pm and I'd just finished my lecture which I almost understood, and then set off to Prospect St. which I didn't really know where it was, apart from hearing rough directions. But anyway, they were good directions, coz' I ended up in the right place, The Salvation Army, where I was told I could go to give blood. But unfortunately since I have a sore throat I couldn't give any, so I was really disappointed. So anyway, I thought I'd go buy my birthday present (from the money my parents gave me), as I mentioned in the News page. But unfortunately, again(!), they didn't sell it at their Huddersfield branch!

Anyway, I decided to go for my second option which was to get a book that would help me with my course, which is all about JAVA programming (different to JavaScript) and the shop had some in, and it came with a free CD with software on, but unfortunately I can't get the JAVA programs to run! Hmmm, added to all that a headache, sore throat, cough, and coughing-up flem, it's not been fun.

I feel bad for getting stressed out today. It was mainly at my computer that I got stressed. And I feel that I haven't lived up to the standards I expect of myself, to stay calm and collective, and not let things get me stressed out. Because I'm always telling people not to let things stress you out and stuff, but then I go and get way stressed myself! I'm also finding myself over-ly concerned about my financial situation also, which is another thing I shouldn't be worried about because it's earthly. Although this is potentially slightly justified by the fact that I have +36.71 in the bank at the moment and don't expect any finance from Grant/Loan till sometime in April.

Here's something cool though, I got a card from one of my friends who is down in Anglia (technically Cambridge or something) and that was super cool, but it made me cry, coz' of the horrible day I've been having and how super nice this person is, and how I miss everyone still.





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