31st January 1999

Erm... Local Refs? | Nirvana?

Hi there, I was gona try going to Oakes again, and this time I knew what time it starts, so I got ready, and was gonna' set off at 5.25pm, but I didn't know where the map was, and I have no idea where it is, so I looked for the map, and a-ha! I found it, and by this time it was 6pm. Hmmm, not having much success, but you see I couldn't go up to the bus driver and say, erm, hi I'd like to get this bus to somewhere, and he'd go, where?, and I'd go, I don't know. And he'd go, hmmm..., or at least if i was him i'd go 'hmmm...' and anyway, which bus do i get?

Man life works all the time and is real easy, everything goes amazingly perfect, life couldn't be better. (I think I'll clarify this by saying, 'Yes, I am being sarcastic, being sarcastic has been quite appealing recently.') I'm really disappointed now. Gonna' go watch Star Trek now, coz' I'm sad. (both types!)

Back now, Star Trek is awesome. One of the main things that I've been pondering over is Valentine's Day, you know, whether I should bother sending anyone anything or not. And it's only two weeks away and stuff. Ma num a num.

So I went to Leeds last night and stuff, and watched a funky video that was okay-good, and then on t.v after was the female version of Batman, except it was called 'Black Scorpian: Ground Zero' and it was totally bad (sorry to those people that made it, but it was!) and then after that there was this Sci-Fi cartoon film on, that was really funny, so that was cool, but after watching these, it made me think that the first film we watched was pretty cool. Oh and I got a lift to the train station at 1.45am, and stuff, and had to wait 1 and a half hours for the train to Huddersfield, which came at 3.20, and stuff. So that was one of those things. Like and last time I got a train from Leeds at that time, I got one from platform 5b, and stuff, and so I waited there to start with, and a train came, so I got on, and looked at those things that tell you were they go i.e 'Manchester - Huddersfield - Leeds - York' and I knew that the train said York on the front, so I'm sitting there thinking, hey, if I'm in Leeds, and this goes to York, then it doesn't go to Huddersfield, so I sit there for a while thinking, 'hmmm, if I end up in York, I'll have to pay to get back to Huddersfield won't I, and it'll cost money and stuff, and take ages.' So I thought a bit more, and decided that if it's definitely not going to Huddersfield, I should get off, so I stood up and asked someone (who was sober) whether it was going to York, and they said 'yes.' so I got off. Then I went to the other platform, 8b, and waited a while and got the right train. But anyway, that's what happened. And if you need an excuse, which I don't think you do, I was probably tired.

Local Refs: Yeah! I'm surprised I didn't have a go at these local refs earlier, because they are really easy and super cool to use, and makes reading people's Web pages way more fun. I'll tell you how to do them.

These links are actually called anchors. And to use local links (within the same document) you first need to set up the anchor name, which is the destination. To do this you type the following...

<a name="Name">Beginning of Text, often this is a title</a>

Once you have done that you need to set up the link to the anchor name, by using the following code...

<a href="#Name">Beginning of Text</a>

So that when they click the link it will take them to Beginning of Text which I have set up here, for you to try out.

Beginning of Text, often this is a title

I hope that wasn't to complicated for you, and was easy enough to understand, anyway if you want more information about writing your own HTML code than why not go to someone who's actually set up a web page expecially for telling other people how to do HTML? Coz' you don't know where one is? You got to be kidding! Have you never looked at my Super Links? That's why it's called super links, coz' you can find links to places like that there, so make sure you go there and check out the NCSA page. This may not have been very impressive because you may have already scrolled done to the bottom, but I just wanted to use the same code as in the example.

T takes you back to the top, and uses exactly the same method of code as described above, except that it's using an image instead of text. Maybe I could cover the use of images some other time, although it is one of the most basic things people want to do with web pages, after text, and links I guess. But I think it would be silly doing a HTML guide spread throughout my Josh's Day things coz' you wouldn't know where to go to find specific information, so I won't bother, unless it comes up, out of the blue, so in the meantime, make sure you check out the NCSA thing.

2 Litres of Lemonade 15p 1 litre of Pink Milk 75p (reduced)

Nirvana - I dig Nirvana, they go well with this whole angst feeling that this world has, and I'd listen to them more if I wasn't trying to avoid reflecting on the badness of this World, and stuff.





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