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hello - this is a Paul Bielatowicz inspired web page.

Man, this is crazee! So what do you think of this crazee web page? If you want to be able to read the text more easily, then please go to edit, and click select all. Who'd of thought that web pages could have demanded so much from a Computer: A Fast graphics card, a quick cpu, etc.

I don't really have anything important to say really, except I think by reading this you have found another secret web page, which is really cool of you! Anyway, I think by the time I have put this on the internet there should be a total of ? secret web pages. Email me and tell me how many you have found. I think some are gonna be easier to find than others!

As you can probably already tell from just looking at this, this is the multi-coloured web page, or rather I've just decided that's what I'm going to call it! Anyway, if you want to go back to my homepage then click I am an aardvark lover!, or I am not an aardvark lover!

To show how, amazingly up-to-date and with the times I am I am including a link to Netscape so that you can download Netscape 3.0 (ho ho!). So there you go, anyway, I don't know whether I should do Valentine's this year, because I don't know what the person will think, I want them to think, 'wow, I have a secret admirer!' but they might think, 'wow, i have a secret admirer, but i hope it's not josh, and then if it is, then oh no!' or something, so I don't know what to do! Do you know that if you press the stop button on your browser the background might stop moving!

The background moves way quicker in Internet Explorer 4, but maybe that's because I have set it to fixed, and it doesn't worry about trying to scroll it like Netscape does. Anyway, I wonder why Netscape 4.5 doesn't have the support for fixed backgrounds, coz' I think it's a groovey thing to include, just for the fun of it, so that things look the same in both browsers! Do you think I should register this secret page with loads of search engines? ho ho!! Oh! And Internet Explorer should support the blink command!! Doh! We're never gonna' win, us consumer people's they're just gonna go on battling and battling, trying to be different, when perhaps it would be good to have something the same, for a change. Instead of expecting the HTML, Javascript programmers to put in extra effort getting their web pages to look the same in both browsers!! Thus limiting the features they use, or selecting one over the other to support! This is quite a historical moment, actually because it's the first time ever, that I've had a netscape or internet explorer button on my pages (i think)!! I once almost had one for internet explorer but I purposely replaced it with an Apple logo. yay!