27th january 1999.

it's not about wearing kangol, or coffee, or having a cute butt, well okay, it is about coffee, coffee's amazing. no but seriously the materialistic things on this earth are not what's important, it's about who you are, and stuff. it's not even about the song by simon and garfunkel, called 'so long, frank lloyd wright'

Colossians 3 v2. says

"Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things."

life is like a box of chocolates, you know? hmmm... you never know what you're gonna get, well, unless you actually read the inlay that tells you what they are of course! But then if you do read the 'instructions' you may not know what you're gonna' get till you get to the end, but you may have a better idea than if you didn't read it at all.

anyway i was on the internet the other day (none of this 'surfing the information superhighway' rubbish!) and went to a pretty neat site called www.windows2000.com and it's got, like, loads of listings of web cams, so you can watch stuff from nearly anywhere in the world. I also went to www.yahoo.co.uk. and searched for peoples 'personal journal' and found some, and, like, there's this guy that I clicked on that does one every single day!! Which is way more than I do it! He has a specific disclaimer for his journal thing too, which I thought was cool, whereas mine's just a general one trying to cover all my pages.

this weekend i bought a cheap disposable camera (it was a sale! yay!) and took some photos, which was fun, but I haven't finished it yet, but anyway, when I do I intend to do a "New Photos" page, with all the pictures (that are o.k.) on! I'm not sure what to call it yet, though. It's gonna be neat though (or at least I hope it will) as I intend to do it in the style of someone else's photo page that I've seen on the internet. (honestly the amount of times I nick ideas from other people - it's rediculous! - although the homepage idea was all my own (i think!!!)) Yeah, but basically it will let you see them all at once on one page, as little thumbnails, and then when you click on the thumbnail, you see the bigger version. And I intend to, like, do individual pages for each big version, so that it looks way cool, coz' sometimes when you just link to the image, and it displays it, it doesn't look very cool or professional.

i think i've put on weight (not that 'it's about having a cute body' or anything) coz' my stomach, which used to be really tight, and muscular like, is less so now, and is more rounded. So I'm gonna' cut down on the chocolate and do more excercise, for health reasons of course! (hmmm...)

not everybody is back at university yet, well actually, i can only think of one person that isn't back at huddersfield, but anyway, it's weird coz' you expect evreyone to be here already, coz' i did come back way late compared to a lot of people.

I've started reading a fresh book, just yesturday, and it's called "Silas Marner" and was written by "George Elliot", but anyway, we read it for GCSE English once, and I think I read it about three times then to learn it. Anyway, it's really cool.

by the way, "so long, frank lloyd wright" by simon and garfunkel is one of my favourite songs by them, and "for emily, whenever i may find her" is also totally awesome. The "sound of silence" totally rocks too. All of Art Garfunkel's songs (when they went solo) are also my favourites. As you can probably tell, I am listening to them now. "I am a Rock" is pretty cool too. "Bridge over troubled Water" is really cool as well.

Hey wow, would you just look at what this page has turned out to look like, it's totally georgeous! And just for you I've decided to use a local ref in this document, go on try it out! Just click the 'T' (which stands for TOP) in the corner and it'll take you back to the top of the document - wow, it's really exciting!!!! I tested the page in resolutions from 640 by 480 to 1024 by 768, from 256 colours to 16.7 million colours in Netscape 2, 4.5 and Internet Explorer 4. Just to make sure it looked funky groovey in all situations, but I think all the codes clean, or should be, it's just a bit confusing coz' of the tables.

For anyone interested, the graphics (i.e. the icons +, -, M, H, and T) were created with Adobe Photoshop 4, although any paint program capable of saving transparent gifs would do, and the dithering was done using this as well. The background came from Microsoft Publisher 97, and the whole page was coded by hand in HTML by me. Overall, it took well over two hours.

Just goes to show that anything's possible, coz' I didn't think I'd be able to place the T like that. Anyway, went to Tesco to get some bread and some milk, but ended up spending nearly 5 (five great british pounds) on all sorts of stuff that I didn't really need, oh well, they're yummy though! But they're not gonna' help me get rid of my big fat belly (not that it's really fat, it's just easy to see how something starts as a concern can be distorted into, saying 'my big fat belly').





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