(as if I'm gonna' put this on the internet...) it's now...
2.46am 26th January 1999

I so totally don't want to be here, but like ifI stopped being here then I think I'd have to pay back my Student Loan,my Grant and potentially my tuition fees, which I wouldn't be able to affordcoz' I don't have any money.

Having no friends is like really great, you know,I highly reccomend it as a way of feeling really happy all the time, youcan do so much stuff like sitting and sleeping and eating.

I tried going to sleep at around 1am earlier butsome people in the Hall were being really loud till 2.15am.

I have a sore neck and the bed here is reallyrubbish and make my back sore (which is not very good in the first placecoz' I broke it around Dec 28th/29th 1996) - so that kinda sucks too, anywayI guess I can talk to my computer about it.  It seems very indifferentthough, and doesn't say anything back.

Dying is too scarey really, to be a viable option,I'm sure it'd go horribly wrong and really hurt.

3.50pm 26th January 1999

I feel a lot better now, had a good day, I thought I would. What do you think of the crazee colours, kinda neat huh? I'm sure that there will be both times when things suck (oops, havn't stopped using that word yet! - don't worry, just a personal goal! :o) and times when things are really super. Who knows, but anyway I still know that these periods in life that are "not fun" are times where I am growing in character and are there for an edifying purpose.

This page was initially created by hand, using straight html code, and then updated with Netscape Composer (a HTML generator) and now I'm editting it by hand again to fine tune things. Just for those interested, I sometimes use HTML generators (such as Nescape Composer, Publisher 97, Word 97) but always mention it somewhere on the page, and generally after I have used such and such a program I would take it back to Notepad and change it in some way, coz' it's often quite difficult to get things right first time. I know it's a cop out using these generators, it's just that the majority of the time I can't be bothered doing these web pages, and it's the easy route to doing it. The new section, Shute!, is entirely written in HTML code myself though! And I even use some JavaScript (!!!!!!!) although the Javascript I use is really lame, and I use a form too, using a POST method that hardly ever works at institutions, like University!!! So there you go! But anyway, what it does is, when someone clicks the "I Agree" button, it submits the data, via email, and on successful Submission it runs the Javascript, which gives the link to the next page. Anyway, just thought I'd tell you how it works, coz' I don't think I've explained it properly on the Shute! section.

I do have friends, yay! Am I just weird, or are there times when you people feel like you've got no friends?

Man this page looks gross!!!! Sorry!!

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