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Hi, thanks for looking at this page. My name's Joshua Waller and I have a lovely machine called an Apple Macintish SE, it's a bit old but I really like it. But anyway, the point is that I need some help! I need to be able to read PC disks on it so that I can transfer files from my PC to the Apple and vice-versa! The Apple only has a DD disk drive. If you have anything, or know of anywhere then please contact me!

Anyway, sorry there is nothing of interest on this page, but I've just started it! Look out in the future for any changes that will take place! :o) Any suggestions of what I could include... etc... then please let me know! See e-mail address at bottom!

For the most up to date information on the progress of my Mac please go to my Home Page and there you'll find access to a page known as "Josh's Mac House" which is bang up to date! My email adress is on the Home Page... have fun and thanks go out to Fernando for help with the Mac!

You are special, you are visitor number Since 14th Oct 98 - Thank you for coming! :o)

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Sorry if you were expecting to get here more easily but ended up having to go through my front page, but I'm not really developing this Mac thing on my web pages since I've had no feedback about them for ages. And I can't read PC disks on my mac either, if I could then I'd be actually using the Mac! So instead I'm mainly concentrating on the Atari pages (coz' the Atari is way cool) and the Josh Day Menu pages, which features a new About Joshua Waller Button. Also relatively new, and something you might want to look at is the mirror site that is TEXT only which makes updating this web site and maintaining and testing everything twice as difficult! But if you have any suggestions then please email me!