This is roughly what my Mac looks like...

This is the MAC House where you'll find all things MAC.
But it will mainly be about my Apple Macintosh SE!

I have an Apple Macintosh SE with 4mb RAM and a 20mb Hard Drive, tiny I know, but it was made in something like 1986 or 1987! The picture above is pretty much what it looks like without a keyboard, but it's lighter and less yellow. It has Word 4.0 on it and I was hoping to be able to port files from it onto my PC and vice versa but unfortunately it doesn't read PC disks! I think it's because it only has OS 6.0.4, but if you have got your Mac SE to read PC disks then please let me know! My email address is on my Home Page!

Unfortunately, recently, whilst playing Lemmings, the screen went POP! and went black with smoke coming out of it! So now it doesn't work! Boo Hoo! Hopefully though, it'll soon be working again...

WAHEY! My Mac's working again. My dad managed to fix it :o)

If you have a Mac SE then let me know! Or if you want to add anything to this page or have any ideas send me an email!

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