Here is a profile of the Atari machines that I dream about owning, from the Mega STE to the ST Book, from the TT to the Falcon, here is where you'll find details of it all! Including the prices when they were released! Best viewed at 800 by 600 in 16 bit colour or more.

Atari Falcon Multimedia Workstation - ST FORMAT FEB 1994 THE ATARI FALCON030

The Atari Falcon was set to be the next generation of Atari computers, revolution rather than evolution, and as such Atari set many of their resources into the Falcon, and after a while ceased production of the ST based computers. The Falcon was meant to be released in 1992, but due to there being a fault with the testing system Atari thought the Falcons were faulty. It wasn't until a year later that the Falcon was released, at 499 for a 1Mb Falcon with no hard drive, and a 4Mb Falcon with no hard drive was 699. Considering the Amiga 1200 was 399 for the basic model, and was released earlier, many seeking the next generation of home computers bought this instead. When Atari abandoned the Falcon, to put all their resources into the Jaguar, a 1Mb Falcon could be bought from Gasteiner for 255, the 4Mb version was 449.

The Falcon brought many enhancements and features that stopped Atari owners looking enviously at PC owners, with 'True' Colour and VGA resolutions. Not to mention the colour filled vesion of TOS 4.01, 4.02 and 4.04. The most enhanced of all was the sound which allowed 8 Channel, 16-bit Direct To Disk recording at up to 50Khz, and a powerful Digital Signal Processor running at twice the speed of the CPU, at 32Mhz.

But one of the main reasons Atari users wanted this, not just for music, but for all the little things that were enhanced, such as PC compatible high density disk drive, IDE internal drive, SCSI port, and VGA support. The Falcon is one of the most compatible Atari computers, yet still one of the most innovative multi-purpose computers.

Even though many critisized the fact that the Falcon only had a 16Mhz 030 processor (the A1200 had a 14.27Mhz 020), it is still one of my Dream machines. With glorious techni-colour, VGA, TOS, and multi-tasking operating systems available, such as MultiTOS. Another reason I want one is for quicker DTP, compared to the ST, writing web pages and viewing in glorious techni-colour, possibly music, and definitely graphics processing. Because I don't have one of these I am forced to use a PC to do alot of these things for lack of colour on my ST.


This is where I talk about the Atari TT, don't know what to say at the moment though! Image from ST User Dec 1992. Keep going down the page.

The Atari TT - ST USER DEC 1992


This is where I will fill in with text about the picture that is either to the left or to the right of this text. Image from ST User Dec 92. Yup, again I ask you to keep going down the page.


Released in 1992, the ST Book was one of the best engineered portable computers of it's time, in fact up until recently, no portable computer has matched up to it's impressive compact size, it's sleek design and long battery life.

The elusive ST Book seems like something that should have brought great success to Atari, through enough publicity, the ST Book should have made people stop and think, and take Atari seriously in the computing industry. To see more information about the ST Book click here.

ST Book Prices - ST USER DEC 1992

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