No I'm serious this time!

Yeah, I am, I'm serious, you guys are cool, coz' I'm really happy that you're visiting my site and that I get some feedback from some of you, it's really nice, and some of you liked my site even before this overhaul!!

I'm glad that I've been able to inspire some of you, well one! But I'm just really impressed how many people I've had visiting in such a short amount of time, especially the Atari page!! You guys are great and I know I shouldn't say this - but you should all go to the ACC 98 (Atari Show 98 in Stafford). I shouldn't say it coz' it'll be too late in a week and this page will be out of date like some of my others!

I'm really impressed by the friendliness of Atari people in general, like famous people who write for things like the Atari Computer Shopper and talk to complete strangers like me! And other Atari people out there like the super guy who did Bombaman, he's so cool! I can't wait for the 'Micro Machines' thing!

I don't know, I guess that's it really, I just thought I owed it to you for coming here - and remember - these pages are for you! So if you think that something sucks then let me know! Like, for instance, is everyone .PNG compatible? (coz' I bet that if not then loads of my pages will look really crap!) Anyway, I'll leave it at that - and sorry if I'm updating these pages whilst your visiting coz' it might not be fun things not working for a while!

Joshua Waller

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