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Hey there! Does anyone know where Atari are now? Are they JTS? Do JTS exist? Do Atari Exist? Does anyone know the answers to any of the above questions? What happened with the pioneers of the Arcade industry? The rulers of the Midi world? The power without the price?

Beef Up Your PC

If you own a PC, you can give it a new lease of life by investing in Gemulator, which will allow you to emulate an Atari ST/STE/TT! If you have some Atari software then run it on your PC. A demo of Gemulator can be downloaded from a number of sites, just do a search for Gemulator! This is the perfect opportunity to use the full potential of your PC!

You can even run Stunt Car Racer! Or if you want quicker ST performance a P200 (Cyrix) 32mb 4mb GFX will give you 178% performance of an Atari TT! Run Calamus at super high speeds!

Get An Atari Magazine!

Do you think the Atari world is dead, no way! ST Applications has been going for ages! This A5 publication includes all the latest news or what's going on in the hardware and software industry! There web site can be accessed at...

Companies you may remember, are still around, and still supporting Atari systems, these include... System Solutions, HiSoft, Floppyshop, The Upgrade Shop, 16/32 Systems, FDC, Titan Designs, and FaST Club to name but a few!

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