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C&M9899, Group TimeTable - C&M HND1 SCHEME SEM 2 TUT 6 (wks 21-29, 33-38 (Semester 2))
This colour is for both Comp and Business - This colour is for Business ONLY - This colour is for Computing ONLY
09:15 10:15 11:15 12:15 13:15 14:15 15:15 16:15
Mon - (L) CHM210 Bus Maths, CWS/10 Priestley (Mr JB)
(T) CHM245 Comp Maths, CW4/04 Turner (Dr JK)
(T6) CXHND Group Tut, CW5/18 McHattie (Mr AD) (0.5 hrs) - (L) CHM245 Comp Maths, CWG/11 Turner (Dr JK) - - -
Tue - - (T/P) NHI254 PCOps & Nets, CW4/01, /04 Hurst (Mr J) (L) CXB201 SWE-HND1, CWS/10 Hood (Mr PWL) - - - -
Wed (T/P) CHI122 SSDE, CW4/03, /04 Watson (Dr DM) (L) NHI254 PC Ops & Nets, CWS/10 Phillips (Mr GCH) - (L) CHI107 IM & D, CWS/10 Copley (Mr MG) - - - -
Thur (T/P) CHI107 IM & D, CW2/17, 4/01 Copley (Mr MG) (1.5 hrs) (L) CHS217 Comp Sci & Prog, CWS/10 Allen (Dr G) (L) CHI242 Int Pack for BIS, CWS/0 Haslam (Ms SM) (T) CHS217 Comp Sci & Prog, CW3/03, G/02 Allen (Dr G)
(T/P) CHM210 Bus Maths, CW4/03, /17 Priestley (Mr JB) (1.5 hrs)
(P) CHS217 Comp Sci & Prog, CW3/03 Allen (Dr G) - -
Fri (P) CHI242 Int Pack for BIS, CW2/01 Kitchin (Ms D) (2 hrs) (L) CHS217 Comp Sci & Prog, CWS/10 Allan (Dr G) (L) CHI122 SSDE, CWS/10 Hart (Mr JS) - (T) CHI242 Int Pack for BIS, CW2/16 Kitchin (Ms D) - - -
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To the best of my knowledge this is correct, although lengths may be slightly different.
But I can not be held responsible if there are mistakes. Joshua Waller 29/01/99