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friends, pictures and where i live
Hello! And welcome to this special section which has stuff on pretty much, just as the title describes! (or so I hope!!) This page has come about because a) I wanted to show you some cool pictures, b) Some of my friends have said "Hey why are there no pictures of me on your Web Site, and c) Some people have said "Put more pictures on, I can't be bothered reading all that text!". So here goes!!

Here is the first picture, a picture of where I live... I don't actually live in Lancashire in England, I in fact live in a floating sphere - as you can see below... (click pictures to enlarge)

click to see bigger where josh live

And now on to some pictures of friends, starting with a picture of Thuy, Paul and Marcus, that used to be on my front page till it was re-designed, and then a picture of Chris Brayshaw, because he wanted to be on here!

click to see bigger people  click to see bigger chris

And then here is a picture of some really cool program I got on a CD, called "Beavis and Butthead Screen Wreckers" - It's cool man!

click to see bigger beavis and butthead

Right, well that's the end of this page... for now! Dun dun dun!! So if I get some more pictures of interesting things, then this is probably where it might end up, especially more photos of people!

Joshua Waller 1999.