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Hi there, wow, I'm pleased that you came here! Click on the little thumbnail to see the larger picture of it. I couldn't be bothered doing seperate pages for the images coz' that would be too much hassle. Anyway, hope you like them, and if you use them, then remember that they are all copyright Joshua Waller 1999 so make sure you give me some credit, and don't use for any commercial use and stuff. Please email me if you are gonna use them, thanks. (sorry to be heavy, but it's true.) Enjoy :o) Please wait... this may take a while... but it is VERY MUCH worth the wait... (it takes around 30 to 45 seconds on a 56.6kbps V.90 modem) ...oh yeah, make sure you're viewing it with a minimum of 16-bit color (thousands of colours), preferably 24-bit color (millions of colours).

paul n josh paul go zoom paul go zoom2 ben waller go woosh
matt waller go brrm tony tea go chuga chuga paul n tony miriam n vanessa
josh say hi jenny n simon matt, tea (tony) n phil hackett tea n jenny
bawoooga gary skelton n chris walton jeanette n simon (sorry i don't know your name) josh n phil (sorry again!)
They are all in order of, you know, the first is the first picture I took and the last is the last I took, although they've obviously been split into landscape and portrait pictures, as you can see. And anyway - here are the portrait ones! All these photos are one's I took with a cheap (4.99) disposable camera (with flash) from Max Speilman in a sale, and it had a Kodak Gold Ultra 400.
tea ben super smurfs tea in smellraiser 3 jennie gregory
matt, tom n rachel francis hailey vanessa .

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