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matt waller's photos dec 2k - index

a series of photos taken by matthew waller of - see each page description to find out what is on each page.  scanned on a not-so-brilliant black widow 4830 PP, which is past it's "best", photos have not been edited or cropped in anyway, except for resizing.

page 1

photos of Heather Combe's 21st birthday, which was a "Bad-Taste" party, so expect some bad clothes, plus there is one photos of the countryside also.

page 2

one more photos from Heather's party, plus some photos of Nelson countryside, on Christmas day, featuring Steve Waller, Ben Waller, and Josh Waller (if you look closely), there's some taken in Birmingham, and there's a group photo of some people taken on Christmas Eve.

page 3

photos of some country-side, including people such as Ben Waller, and other people...