ben having a pee up ingleborough - jan 1998
a sunset picture i took in jan 1998  Joshua Waller
Yeah, last year we went up Ingleborough, when Ben (my big bro) came over to britain, for the first time in 8 years. (from New Zealand.) Oh look that's a picture or someone having a pee there!

picture of mum was meant to be here. This is not a groovey picture of my mom who got a degree in something like Art, from Liverpool something. She's in Nottingham. She didn't want to be on the internet. my dad when we all went on a walk - picture by josh
And the picture on the right is of my dad when we were going on a walk when Ben first got back this year (Nov 1998) - We went for a walk in the country side near Nelson and we went past some reserviour, of which i can't remember the name.

You should thank Ben for bugging me to use tables!
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