Thursday, 1st October 98


Hmmm… yeah, been doing stuff today like buying some socks coz' erm I ran out of socks, and learnt more things in life. Let me tell you, um, well first off not many people accept you if you are different, I think this is coz' if they are seen with someone who is different then they think that someone will see them with the different person and think they are different and then think about them the way they think about different people. Also it is difficult to be classed or become part of the 'in' crowd when you are one of these different people. They try and get rid of you when it suits them, or maybe this is paranoia, but hey it's not fun.


Also I am very uncomfortable around large groups of people I don't know, in fact I'm uncomfortable around people I do know! I don't know why though. Or maybe I do. I was hoping that I would have made more friends by now, but maybe people are not really interested in knowing people, maybe they just wanna' hang round with shallow 'cool' pretty people. I don't know…


But anyway, there's this girl here who looks just like this girl that used to go to Burnley college called Francis, and guess what, the girl here at Huddersfield is called Francis too! It's well weird! And like, for this computing course we're going to be programming Java Script which is like a bit more complicated than HTML and stuff, and what I don't get is why we are bothering coz' what with MS Publisher and MS Word you can just save your page as HTML, so you don't need to know how to program Java Script anyway. And my Brother Mat says Java Script is really easy!



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