Okay, as you can tell, this page is completely different to all the others, well, yeah, that's coz' I've done it with MS Publisher, just for the fun of it!  And the picture above shows you what meant to have something to do with uni... well, now that I'm here, I'll let you know that so far it has nothing to do with university!  Read On...

Josh's Day 23rd September 98

I'm now at Huddersfield University and I'm living in Halls!  And I've been to the freshers week stuff, or some of it!  And I've explored to town centre a bit.


But basically it's been really boring, coz' like most of the stuff that's been going on is really boring, and not completely necessary, and then all the time in between, since I don't know anyone, there's nothing to do!  Nah, but the best things that I've done, are going to Leeds on Monday evening to see some friends, and exploring on Monday, coz' I found that everything's really close by.

The Post Office is right next to where I'm staying, and then next to that is a Christian bookshop which looks okay.  The university is really near and all the shops are in between!  But other than that being cool and stuff, it's really weird coz' I have no money, and no friends and I can't just ask my parents for money.  I have met

some cool people though and watched a bit of TV.  What's really weird is that the people you would normally talk to aren't there, and it's strange because it makes you realise how much you relied on them and needed them and stuff.  And there is no way that you'll ever find any people the same.  Till next time... take care...

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Hey - I like Netscape Communicator 4 lots, so there and ya' can get it from PC coverdiscs if ya' want!  Have you heard about the Korean firm that is going to sell an all in one comsumer computer which looks like an iMac in the US in April called the eMachine which will be quicker, run Windows and cost $499 (60% less than the iMac)?  Interesting stuff hey?  We still can't escape the Microsoft strangle-hold, as our saviour, the iMac has an equivelent Windows machine coming up!  Bummer, although I think we should all stick to Atari computers. :o) Sorry but this looks better in IE4!