Saturday, 12th September 98


hi, i just watched this film called 'romy and michelle's high school reunion' which made me happy because some people were happy in the end, and some were unhappy, but the main stars were happy, like most films coz' probably films about unhappy people are possibly less popular, but i don't know. but anyway it made me unhappy too coz' like these people (i.e. lisa kudrow) got super jobs at the end and stuff, and i worry that i never will and that even though i'm capable of succeeding, that i might never and stuff coz' i'm not of worth, and stuff.

But, I don't know, do you blame me? When to have a happy life, you just have to realise that you have to be yourself, then someone who loved you all the way through high school, will still love you ten years later, and then, then when you've realised you have to be yourself, they will come and wisk you away in their helicopter (because they're really rich) just after your product / design / thing you just happen to be doing at the time, will be acknologed as really good by the editor of Your Product Monthly / Designers weekly / or That thing You Do.

I wonder whether I'll ever be happy, you know, really happy? Like coz' on this reunion, they all told each other what they were doing ten years from now and stuff, and i wonder whether I'll be able to say, I got a degree in computing, or whatever, and say, that I'm happy at my 'workplace' and am happily married and stuff. But, you know, does it actually matter, if I hadn't watched this film, couldn't I have been happy no matter what job I was doing? You know, like, what is the secret to happiness?

Anyway - enough of that, it's been happening, is happening as part of every form of media.

You know catalogues? Like the one's you get from Next that you have to pay 3 for on your first order, like if you just look at the catalogue and then go and get the thing from the shop just 10 minutes walk away, rather than wait a day to have it posted, then they never get that 3. So shouldn't they just get you to pay before they send you one? Anyway, what brought me on the that, is that if your monitor is too low because you have, like, a Mini/Midi/Tower PC Case with your computer, and you have to put the monitor directly on the desk - then what you can do is get two or three out of date Next catalogues and put them under the monitor as a stand, so that your posture and health should be better.

I think I'll go to sleep now, thank you for reading, and if you have any ideas, then please let me know, or maybe by the time you have read this I may be happy... you know, I think friends have a lot to do with someone being happy.

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