i thought i'd turn the music down, so that i could hear myself think, coz' i'm having happy thoughts at the moment, so it makes a nice change to want it quiet.

well not much has been happening really, except i've finished the business assignment, all i need to do now is type it up and check through it.

i've managed to go to all lessons etc. this week so far which has been good and it's nearly the end of the week again, which is cool - and it looks like i'm going to have lots of time on firday to put all these web pages on the internet - it seems a bit silly waiting till friday to put things like this page on, but i haven't really got time before then to get things how i want them. And besides, I've got to make it worth the wait!

what's happening at halls? more reports of stolen food, like burgers and stuff, and my baking tray if i haven't told you. and a tesco supermarket trolley was seen briefly in the kitchen. also there have been at least three people in the extreme vicinity of the area leaving assignments to the last minute, like myself.

I now know Paul's web page address which is accessable from SUPER LINKS or by clicking this GO HARDCORE MUSIC!