Hi, it's Tuesday the 27th of October 1998. And the microwave has stopped working, well actually it's not the microwave, it's all the electrical appliances in the kitchen.

It's been raining an awful lot recently here in Huddersfield, and outside my window, there is a roof to another section of the building. This has turned in to a lake of water, and I was beginning to wonder when ducks would be coming. But today some people came and got rid of the water by climbing through the window of the guy next door.

I think I'm going Bald, as everytime I comb my hair, more and more hair ends up in the sink. I hope it's only a temporary thing!

In Halls, I've had my cheese stolen twice, my orange juice drunk, and today I noticed someone has taken my baking tray. Oh well, I suppose you've got to expect it.

University has been busy, I have a maths exam on Thursday, a programming exam on Friday and a Business and I.T. essay / assignment to do for the 5th of November.

I'm still waiting to find out what Paul's Web page address is, and hope to see that soon.

Latest update, to get rid of the lake they unblocked a pipe, and then all the water came rushing down really quickly and has now flooded the kitchen - so I think the Microwave fixing will have to wait - unfortunately I'm really hungry!