Life is a many wondrous thing, as someone probably once said, and if they didn't then I did, just then. (hee hee) But anyway, life is also strange, meeting new people, getting to know them, is much like a baby growing, at the point where the baby starts to grow teeth the baby has teething pains which the baby would think are teething problems, but the parent can see that they are not teething problems, just pain, and that it is growth and leads to better things.

Much like that analogy was today, as I 'experienced' teething problems in a new friendship, but at the end of the day, after going to the Christian Union, eating an exploding kebab and watching some TV everything turned out okay.

And since tomorrow is a Friday it means it's the last day of the week that I have to go into University and hopefully I'll have a relaxing weekend, as I intend to stay in Huddersfield this weekend, and possibly through this I will get to know some of the people that are living in the halls that I'm in. This all depends on whether I have to go home this weekend and represent my computer business, Josh's PCs Sole Trader.

On Sunday it might be the Japanese F1 Grand Prix, but since I have made alternative plans I will be missing out! But I am definitely going to try and improve my priorities status and put friends before me.

One thing I ought to tell you is that if you get really really angry with a PC (i.e. Personal Computer) then don't hit the keyboard really really hard because a lot of the time it will stop working, or not work as well as it once did! (I speak from experience, as my previous keyboard died from GBH, and this one I am using now seems to be dying! - And as a student I can't afford to replace keyboards!) This is extra specially important if you own such a computer as an Atari or Amiga or Sam Coupe (to the Spectrum world what the Hades/Milan is to the Atari World!) as these house the computer components under the keyboard!

Until next time, I hope you have fun, and buy Computer Shopper Nov 98 because it has this neat thing that you can get to run and it plays soothing natural sounds (like you're in a forest) and it's real cool!


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