Sunday 29th November 1998

some thoughts I've been having...

on vegetable soup: it's okay.

on dying, the ending of life, death of the physical body: things I'd have liked to have done before I die include falling in love with some amazing person, and being loved by that person, if not married and had a kid. Gone on holiday back to New Zealand. I guess that's it at the moment - bit dull huh?

There is a notice in our kitchen about TESCO trolleys, and there will be a fine of 25 if any are found near the vicinity of our building.

Anyway, I tried going to this church in some part of Huddersfield, I had a map and went to the bus station, just to see if the bus went from there, but it didn't, it went from Westgate, and since I didn't know where Westgate was, I asked a Taxi driver how much it would cost (to the church, not Westgate), and he said 4.50, so I said 'no thanks' and went to a shop and bought a Mars bar and some other kind of chocolate. And anyway, I asked the shop keeper and he said, this is Westgate, and I'm like 'oh, cool - so where can I get this bus from' and he told me that there's a stop just out side. So sure enough I went there, and stood at a bus stop, and looked at my watch and thought 'hmmm... it's 6.05pm, what time does it start again?... ah, it starts at 6.00pm, bummer' - I had thought it would have started at 6.30pm like most churches, but it didn't. Oh well, I then went to McDonald's where I waited 13 minutes for a hamburger and fries (well actually, I waited 13 minutes till I was asked what I would like.) Exciting huh?

Anyway, I've written a song, here are the chords for the bridge / intro... consisting of a strange C and a strange G.

Strange C type chord Strange G type chord

And here is the main part's chords, consisting of A minor, C major and some even stranger G type chord, and this is what you play whilst you sing the song.

A minor C major Stranger than other strange G type chord

Here are the lyrics, I only did one verse though and it's totally (copyright) Joshua Waller 1998.

friend so far away from me
wondering when i'll see you next
will i meet someone like you
someone i can call a friend

Okay, there you go... bye.