Saturday 7th November 1998

Hi, I've figured something out, like if you don't read the Bible and you're a Christian and stuff then it's going to be difficult coz' you might not know how great God is, coz' without reading the Bible you won't know - coz' in there is loads of great stuff telling us about how great He is, and how much he loves you and how much He is there for us!.

Also, another thing I've learnt recently is that if you've got a problem, and it's been buggin you for ages, and you haven't told anyone, then alot of that problem (say 60%-70%) of it can be taken away by telling someone. The bottle-ing up of the problem often causes alot of the problem and conpresses it and strengthens and pushes it all out of perspective.

Okay, well that was my philisophical thoughts for today. I'll tell you what I've been doing today and maybe some other stuff. Well, I've stayed in Huddersfield this weekend, just to see what it's like and to save money! It's okay, ya' know, I'm gonna' try finding a church to go to tomorrow and stuff. It's a bit lonely coz' I don't really have anyone to hang out with but it's relaxing. I've been trying to put my new pages on the internet but, didn't get too far - what else? - watched the classic film, 'The Blues Brothers.' That was cool.

On the computer front, I've set up my 486 to auto boot into ST emulation after booting Windows 95! I've made it so that it boots Windows 95 first coz' I've got two I/O cards in and I don't think the mouse works in DOS mode, otherwise I might just skip loading Windows 95 all together, one day! It's a start anyway! And as I speak I am actually doing this on an "ST"!! But I guess that's not too interesting for a lot of you. Also I've got the Home key to work like a PC too, and I'm running it in 1024 * 768 (mono) with no loss of speed compared to 640 * 480 mono. I'm yet to master these keyboard shortcuts though! I've decided to go back to 640 * 480 (mono) coz' something changes the refresh rate when switching between Windows and any other resolutions and makes the screen unreadable. Oh well! PS - It takes approx. 1 min 20 seconds to get to the ST desktop, from switching the machine on!