10th April 1999 
Okay, I'm not gonna specify at the beginning what this is going to be about but I'm just gonna babble.

Well anyway, it's been ages since I've done anything on my Web Site, or if it hasn't then at least it feels like it!  And it's probably been even longer since I've done anything for the Josh's Day section.  

So anyway, today I watched a video (film) thing about something or other, involving the usual bumf about some people and some of them falling in love and stuff, and as films usually do, it got me thinking, well no, maybe it didn't, this isn't what this is about.  This is about me feeling certain emotions for persons, that I think I fancy, but knowing myself I am now much more skeptical about my emotions than I used to be when I was younger, so don't really know what's going on.  It's weird seeing people again, that you haven't seen for ages because you realise how cool you think they are, and how much you wish you could spend all your time with them.  Hmmm... I am of course refering to persons of the opposite sex. (i.e. female)

Anyway, I bought a watch today, because I lost the watch I had previously.  I like it.  Man, I don't know why I do these web pages, nobody I want to read them does, and my web site is really lame, I find that nearly everything on the Internet is just so boring, the only really use is to get patches for Games, and Drivers for PC Hardware and stuff like that, oh news is also good, but everything's just so boring.  Maybe I'm extra specially bored because it's the holidays and no-one's emailing me.

Well anyway, these holidays I've done nothing but sell Janet (the computer that I put the specifications of on the internet on a previous Josh's Day thing), gone roller-blading, wished I'd spent more time with people I havn't spent any time with, bought a new computer, which I decided to call "Cat", after getting no-response to my very short appeal for suggestions.  Also I've visited relatives with my family which was good.  Maybe I'll feel better if I actually start doing some work on some of my assignments that I've got.

Oh well, I'll go, there's another Josh's Day on an Atari disk that I'll upload to the internet soon, so you can read that too.  See ya'






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