13th/14th Febuary 1999

Erm... (in the wrong order) Overclocking Again!!? | ArtWork? | Shopping and Wine? | V?

The Art Work: The main reason for me doing this web page was so that I could try out this new background that I did today using Adobe Photoshop. I think it's quite funky and goes quite well with these web pages. It's copyright Joshua Waller 1999. But I think it totally looks cool as a background if you want it for that!

Shopping and wine: But basically I don't really have much to talk about, but I will anyway! I'll just blabber on about stuff, like, shopping, for example, today when I went to TESCO, to buy a bottle of wine for an engagement party, it was weird coz' they have, like, tonnes and tonnes of different types and brands and stuff, so I didn't know which to get. But I suppose it wasn't too bad coz' there was a little leaflet thingee nearby that told you a tiny bit of information about wines, which I read, coz' I don't know anything about wine. But it would have been bad if the leaflet wasn't there coz' then I'd have no idea.

And today when I went shopping I managed to stick to the stuff on the list 100%!!! I didn't buy any chocolate, or doughnuts, or anything I wasn't meant to so that was really cool.

The future looks like I'm going to Leeds tomorrow for a meal, which should be funky coz' there's a funky couple of people that's gonna' be there, called Paul and Thuy (pronounced Twee). Erm, I don't really feel like doing this Josh's Day thing much recently, I don't think I've really seen any point in it and stuff, or have been busy doing other stuff.

OverClocking: Anyway, here I go, boring some of you's to death with more boring techie stuff - I decided to try my chip at a core of 200mhz (should be 166mhz) and it seemed fine for ages, and quicker for Quake, and a bit slower for Final Reality (due to bus being put down to 66mhz x 3) but anyway, when I get some good memory and a good gfx that won't matter too much because the internal speed of the cpu will be more important. But anyway, it was going okay till things started freezing in Windows, so I decided to try it with a core voltage of 3.2 instead of 2.9, so I'm presently seeing how that's going. I guess it'll end up getting too hot and I'll start getting nasty errors. But maybe I won't - who knows, I guess I'll have to let you know if I'm successful. So far, since setting the core voltage higher, I've had no problems. (14th)

V: Erm, Sunday was a cool day, coz' I went to Leeds, and then met up with Paul, and we went to a cafe and ate some food stuff which was cool, and then I hung out with a groovey person a bit later coz' Paul was in a band practice, and anyway, we went to a park, and then went on the swings, round-about and see-saw, and stuff, and then a bit later we went to Pizza Hut, and spent too much money on food, not coz' we were that greedy it's just that it's really expensive, but anyway, they have really nice pizza and ice-cream (seperately) and stuff. And then we went to a pub for a while, coz' we were waiting for our filum and the groovey person bought me a drink which was really cool, and then we watched a bug's life, which was a cool filum. Oh, and groovey person played the piano for me, kind of, so that was really cool, coz' groovey person played some really funky stuff. And also let me look at some clothes groovey person was throwing out.

Then later when we got back we had a cup of tea, actually we had quite a number of cups of te though-out the day, and I had about two Cuppucinos through-out the day, I just didn't mention it earlier coz' I thought it might bore you but I thought I best tell you anyway coz' you'd think we didn't have anything to drink all day! People are too cool, like I love them loads, people I love today are: God/Jesus, Thuy, Paul and Helen. Not that I only love these people, it's just that today I want to say that I love these people coz' I've been around them today (14th) and they are too cool. (and I love them and stuff).

When I was at college I wrote a simple finance program in Pascal so that I could work out my finances, it's very simple and stuff, but I've adapted it for use at university so that I can keep track of how much I've spent each week and stuff, whereas before it was monthly. But anyway, it prints it out for you after you've used it and stuff. After this weekend, my financial comment is... "aaaarrrrggghhh!!!"





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