it's now...
Thursday 7th January 1999!

this one's lime...

I liked that, that was really neat. This was gonna' be one about new years day and stuff but I didn't put that one on, and decided to do one now coz' i actually might have something to talk about. Anyway, did you see Star Trek - Deep Space Nine, where 'the dominion' took over the 'DS9 station'. Wow!! It was really exciting! oooh, sliders is on now and it's got werewolf people on with spikey teeth.

Anyway, happy new year. And don't you think it would be really cool being on Star Trek, you know, actually living in Star Trek world coz' all the women are complete babes. Like, is it me, or is it that on TV, all the people are totally way more georgeous than normal people?

Going bowling tonight which is really groovey, and a nice break from all this hassle I've been having with stupid computers that totally suck. I'm sure I was thinking about stuff that I could have put on here but I can't remember it. If you're watching Sliders, there's a groovey cat woman on it, and it looks like on this "version of the earth" (hmmm...) all the animals have turned into humans, or maybe the scientist has done it, but I'm not too sure coz' I'm not totally watching it. Anyway, the groovey cat woman is really nice. Yup, the doctor did make them.

Anyway, I totally don't have anything to say so I'll go. See you soon.

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