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University Life

decided to do a "university life" page. it's gonna have stuff about uni on it. eg. friday 12th of something, i went to uni today, and it smelt because someone had poo'd everywhere. things like that. note! this has nothing outside univerisity stuff on, i.e. there will be no personal stuff here... let's begin...

wednesday eighth of november in the year of our Lord two thousand erm. got a presentation this morning. you can buy 2 milkshake drinks in the uni shop for 69p today. wahey. i bought strawberry and banana flavour. eee... see ya.

tues 7th nov 2k no time at all. too many assignments to start and finish this week. so bye.

too 31st oct 2k got a 60p bus today. cmt. it was good. got to sit in a seat with a lot of leg room (yay!). feel like going home and going back to sleep though. i will after this morning thing. eeeeeee

mon 30th oct 2k came in and things cancelled. but that's kind of ok, as we get an extension on 2 of our assignments, which is helpful, as i've still got four to do. i have actually finished 2now. handed in one on friday, and have one to hand in tomorrow. anything else. lots of rain today on way to uni. even some hail. or rather quite a lots. it was painful. also a yellow/orange ladybird landed on me in the lab.

mon 23rd oct reading week this week. too many assignments to do. i think we have 5 / 6 to do at moment and i've don't about 3/4 of one!

mon 16th oct 2k uni today. i was about 40 minutes late. thats about it. seems too hot pretty much everywhere inside the building. erm that's it. got another assignment. not too pleased about that/ but it'll all be cool enough.

fry 13th oct 2k thought about setting up a "" website, so that i could organise rallies and boycots of arriva busses because they charge students 5p more than the other bus companies. don't know if i can be bothered though. anyway... got to uni today at 9am and found out my lecture didn't start till 9.30am. quite a bit annoying really because if they had an up-to-date website somewhere, they could have told me that. but right now, i can't even download the lecture notes from the website!! which is serious pants. but never mind eh? meow. i got the following things for signing a guestbook at i thought i'd make them blatant links...

the lecture was only 1/2hr long this morning and it was about doing things like tables...

  • un-ordered lists
  • and list nesting...
    • and more exciting...
    • things like indenting
  • it's not exciting
  • coz i've done it all before
let me show you an ordered list...

  1. Item number 1
  2. Item Two

and now i'm too bored to go on... so there you go. erm... they want me to do a form... so let's give that a go... see the page here... hn1204form.htm. Thanks. You can also see a form I did a few years back... here.

wed 11th oct 2k uni today. cash machine working today. good thing. erm. i want to go home. very bored today. watched people do presentations it was alright. well done everybody who did them.

tue 10th oct 00 rain. bus. no leg room. uni. cash machine broken. shop don't do cashback therefore no coffee!. shop minimum spend 5 therefore nothing to drink. campus 5-10 minute walk away from town. got to go there for money. doh! had visual basic programming in morning. pretty good. but getting difficult at points. i'm going to have to ask God to help me out a lot more as time goes on! all for now. i have 'c' in the afternoon. that's where i need the most help! anyway... brother Matt emailed me the following picture...

Mac emulating lots... by Brother Matt

It's Matt's Mac emulating Windows, which is emulating an Atari ST, Amiga, and an Atari 800. Which is pretty impressive! It also convieniently fits in the table I use for this page! Okay bye...

mon 9th oct 00 arriva double decker bus "we don't do returns" which is a shame, as we'd save money if they did. mean i think. coffee. yum. lecture. ok. that's all really. i wait here till about 2pm when i have another lecture.

fry 6th oct 00 uni today. bit late today at arriving. doh. late night. anywayz. we're doing web pages today and we have to make our home.htm page link to 2 other pages and then link back to that home.htm page. shouldn't really be a problem. erm and that's it really. i'm in a lab now, where they have those crazy "please switch all phones off" signs but no-one does, and people quite freely use there phones... oh well...

wed 4th oct 00 agian me be at uni. anything happen? no. not enough seats in lecture room. too hot. falling asleep. oh but well done to CMT buses and "On-Line" buses for not charging 65p for students, and charging us 60p, which is much better. arriva are bad boys for charging students more than they should.

tue 3rd oct 00 uni today. found the toilets. they are big. bored. i'm sure i had more thoughts to add but can't remember them, except that in the canteen they say "sexy sandwiches from 85p" and i wonder where they get the idea that sandwiches are sexy from? i guess people see things differently a lot of the time. aha found the real coffee machine was back today. yay.

wowee i can't wait for more.