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Welcome to Joshua Waller's JMU Site.

Hi, it's not very interesting. It's mainly for people on my HND Computing course, with some other useful stuff thrown in. There are three main sections... there's the [God] section, there's the [Uni Stuff] section and there's the [Many Links] section. There is a [mirror] of this site. But it is not always as up-to-date as this one.

If you want to visit my other web stuff then goto :

p.s. This site is meant to look retro. Having this JMU site is also an awesome opportunity to make a really rubbish/pants site, just for fun, as all my other one's I take too seriously.

Ever thought about God? [top]

JMU luckily has a Christian Union, which meet every Tuesday evening at 7.15pm at the Haige Building. If you want to know more, check out this short page I have done here. If you want to know more about what Christian's believe about God, then why not check out Cheers.

The JMU info. [top]

look at my timetable [126k]. You can check your email. You can email me on and send me any feedback etc. That seems to be all for the time being. Ah! But you can download some Visual Basic Programs I've done in HN1203! For HN1204 [the Internet module], I've done this home page for the 2nd Tutorial, and a form you can try. I'd like to say thanks. I have started a "university life" page.

Notices. deadlines for hn1201 ass.1 is 27th Oct 2k. hn1203 [vb] is 31st oct 2k in lab. hn1204 website 10th nov [extended]. hn2206 dist comp systems 10th nov [extended]. hn2205 ass2/5 8th nov. hn1203 [vb1b] weapons 9th nov.

Many Links [top]

Some UNI Links. Our Lecturers Sites : Paul Vickers [HN1201], John Willitts [HN2205], Andy Symons [HN1204/HN2206] erm... some more to come? JMU Links : JMU Ext. Home , JMU Int. Home , JMU School of Comp. and Maths.

Best Links : JillaJang , cool identity website , HotMail , FREE SMS! , AltaVista , get awesome tunes! , , ben waller, , dream.htm a different version of tom's dream page.

FUN! Links : free images and tunes for your fone. ,

Other Links : Good C Resource , On-Line Dictionary/Thesaurus , , do some SETI , trace an ip address , read the anti-spam howto , download some training docs [things like fp/office/windows/c/etc], submit your site to a search engine , check your rc5 stats , see the Waller Seti Effort Stats , search a map , download AVG anti-virus software , download swishzone a cheap alternative to flash.