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Joshua Waller's Home Page for HN1204

Elephant Picture

About This Page

At the top is a picture of an African Elephant [Loxodonta africana] at Sunset. I got this from here and it's only 6k. You can get more pictures of a high photographic quality from here. The background picture was made from the image above, using Paint Shop Pro. I've created this page using Notepad, for HN1204, using HTML. I've put all the text from below the image into a table so that it is in the center of the page.

About Me

I am studying HND Computing, at John Moore's University, and am in the second year. I transferred from Huddersfield University, after doing two years of their HND Computing course. Their course is a three year sandwich course, so I have had one year working in the "industry". It was with United Biscuits, on Binns Road, in Liverpool. I worked for them for fourteen months, and was living in Liverpool. I liked Liverpool so much that I decided to stay. I found a good church, FrontLine, and a good house, and generally made a lot of good friends. I like web design, and have some other sites called, JillaJang, and PC Gunk, and of course, this JMU one, here.

Some Links

Yahoo! [search engine]
Andy Symons [whose user name is cmsasymo which is nothing like mayo]

And that's it, for this exciting page. Hope you liked it. Feel free to go back to the front page here.