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HN1203 - Visual Basic Programs

Here you can download some of the completed exe's I've written for HN1203, Windows Interface Development. I thought I'd put up the slightly funky ones. [i.e. one's that are not totally boring]

move.exe [10k] - this lets you move things - 26/09/2000 [sess. 4]
howoften.exe [7k] - just move your mouse around - 26/09/2000 [sess. 4]
lines.exe [8k] - meant to draw when clicked doh! - 26/09/2000 [sess. 4]
colours.exe [9k] - using drop down menus - 26/09/2000 [sess. 5]
grow.exe [9k] - menu items growing - 03/10/2000 [sess. 5]
message.exe [7k] - using message boxes - 03/10/2000 [sess. 6]
sums.exe [11k] - sums 1 digit calculator - for 1st assignment.

Okay, some people have said that they can't run the programs on their PCs. I beleive this is because they don't have the relevant DLLs on their PCs. What they should do is go here, and install stuff, till it is working.

groovy baby!