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More about the C.U.

How to get there? The Haige building is opposite the main JMU Library, when you go in to the Haige building, I don't know what the room number is, but that you turn left, go up some stairs and go right and follow the corridor to the end. Everyone is welcome to come along, and ya get a free cuppa tea or coffee at the end.

I'll post contact info up here when I know it so you can ask someone on the comittee more about it if you want, or you could email me, as I go along. I'll even post up a link to their website when they get that on-line. There's a society called UCCF which have a website at which might be of help to you if you want even more information. There's even a link there to an old website of the JMU C.U. but I don't think anyone updates that anymore!

okay, let's go back.

p.s. I only attend the c.u. and this is in no way an official site, it's just a plug coz' i think the c.u. is a good thing.