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  Hello! Welcome to the new "Front Page" by Joshua Waller! (it is still the "home page" also!) I am glad you are here having a look and hope you like the new design! The news used to be on another page, but now, all the news is on this page! Have a look around at all the things, and email me if you want to give me any feedback! My email is - I am currently in Liverpool this year, so please ring me on 07714 055 359 and "Sign Guestbook!"
  11-09-99: Okay! I got a fresh guestbook, as the old one seems to be stuffed! So please sign it! I will leave the old one there for a while just in case it starts working again!! And another thing, I've just added some more stuff to my "Josh's XOOM Download Site" so make sure you check that out, 'Kay? :o)

Before I go... I think I'll show you this amazingly long thing I got submitted to my "Steal Cheese" Page (link on left...)

"My mate Frank was over in France looking for his long lost brother C from whom he was seperated when he was astonishingly flushed down the toilet during a school trip in Belgium. His brother 8Mike 9 was apparently seen in Paris sticking his fingers up through an old man 7s bath plughole. The old man promtly washed Mike back down the plug hole but Frank was hopeful that he would turn up somewhere else.%0D%0A During his search C Frank purchased a tub of garlic paste. Whilst on a day trip up the Eifel Tower C Frank heard Mike 7s screams from beneath a grate at the base of the Tower. Knowing that Mike may somehow be washed away before he got to the bottom on the elevator C Frank smeared himself with the garlic paste and slid rapidly down one leg of the tower. Frank hit the ground at a rather swift speed and promptly shattered the pavement with his face. Mike crawled out of the sewer beneath the Tower C but in his starved state he went on sniff his dazed brother 7s smashed up garlic smeared face in desperate hunger%3B however C Mike was still nice enough not to eat his brother. To Frank 7s semi-comotose mind C however C Mike 7s nose appeared as large as the moon. Since then he has had a psycotic fear of noses.%0D%0A After returning home C Frank visited me C but he was horrified by the site of my nose. He took from his pocket a large piece of cheese 8YOUR cheese 9 and impacted it into my face. The room was rather warm and the cheese proved quite pliable C so Frank moulded the cheese into an ear to ease his fear. I have worn the cheese ear over my nose whilst in his presence ever since.%0D%0A%0D%0A HOWEVER C I am INNOCENT... I was not aware that the cheese was stolen. Frank simply took the cheese from his pocket C the place he must have placed it when HE stole it. So C if Frank is your friend C or if you know him C HE is the thief.
  03-09-99: It's getting to be about time where I archive this page again isn't it? Yep, well, maybe, if I get time I will, but for now, I have this news for you...

A new section on Josh's XOOM Download Site is the Christian Section, which is where you can get Inpirational Background Pictures for Windows 95/98/2000 etc.

So make sure you check that out!! Also, there could be a fresh article coming up in PC Gunk, but I don't want to reveal anything too soon, as other sites might copy our idea! Ya catch tha drift? Have Fun, and Peace. Josh

  29-08-99: Hi! Ben my big bro has updated his "Life" section of his web site at Ben's Super Duper Page! Also, if ya want, you can visit my Josh's XOOM Download Site as I've updated it with more "TOP" Hits. 'Kay?
  25-08-99: Ok, this is all over the Net, but I thought I'd fill you in, as you may not go the places that says this stuff... I got this from Aces Hardware, and they in turn, probably got it from someone else...
"This is all fact and no rumour. VIA made offers to approximately 100 Cyrix employees to stay to work for VIA/Cyrix. VIA offered ridiculous amounts of bonus money to keep the employees from leaving including all the profits from Gobi split among the remaining employees.

The Gobi project shouldn't be much farther than when the layoffs occured. Gobi is having lots of probelms such as problems with getting the 256K integrated L2 cache to work. Performance wise, a pretty recent version of Gobi performs on par with the MII clock for clock but that should improve if they get the L2 cache working. FPU performance is faster than the K6-2 but slower than a Celeron. With 3DNow!, Gobi is comparable to a Celeron Mhz for Mhz.

However, Gobi will use the dreaded PR system so performance might fall way behing competitors' offerings. At the time of the Cyrix layoffs, there were some 333 MHz Gobis available and a handful running on a 133 MHz frontside bus. Mojave seems like a dead project since almost nobody is working on that project."

  22-08-99: Hey peeps! My big bro Ben has updated his web site with a new page called Ben's Life and he's also updated his front page which looks all nice.
  21-08-99: I've updated this page! As if you can already tell! Basically it's coz' I got a new 17" monitor and noticed that this page was very dependant on peoples screen sizes and the resolution they used, so now I've made it look pretty much the same, no matter what resolution you use. I hope you like it. It means that you have to now have a minumum resolution of 800 by 600 for prime enjoyment of this page. Hope that's okay.

Also I've been updating my Josh's Xoom Download Site quite a bit without telling you. I will also be bringing to you a review of the monitor I bought, a Belinea 17" DiamondTron, to the PC Gunk part of this site.

10:45pm: OK!! Here it is:- Review of Belinea 103070 DiamondTron Monitor - make sure you check it out and if you have a PC Hardware site, then please feel free to have it in your news. :o)

  15-08-99: Right! Finally got round to updating my PC Gunk site, with a nice little article about Which FREE UK ISP is for you? - I tested out about five free UK ISPs in total, so if you're in the UK, then make sure you read it, as there could be an ISP that is better for you! Read it to find out who I nominated as the overall winner!
  14-08-99: Here is some web type stuff for ya: A big up to Ste Hill as he's set up a super groovy web site at okay?

Interested in optimizing Windows 98? without chucking it out the window? (tee hee) erm... then check out this site which has some excellent tips at ComChip 'kay?

Yep, I know I'm totally late on this one, but ya' know how Cyrix were bought by Via (the chipset/motherboard maker people) and we all thought that was a good thing, well they also bought IDT and possibly another CPU maker and have sacked all the Cyrix people who were working on the next generation Cyrix, e.g. the M3, Jedi, Gobi etc. So that all totally sucks. You can check out the story from August the 6th here at c|net

  12-08-99: Josh's XOOM Site! has been greatly updated! And is looking much nicer, and it would be cool of you to visit there and have a look at it... it is of course, being a new site, still only small in content and still under development! It is also where the primary download for the Jeri Ryan Zip is going to come from so I can now free up some space on my Tripod site again... which is cool.
  11-08-99: I've been developing a download site provided by Xoom! which you can find here... Josh's Xoom Download Site. Which has some pretty essential downloads, or at least I have found them pretty essential, and since Xoom! have given me unlimited space (as they do for everyone) it should fill up with loads more essential things!! - Josh
  08-08-99: Just a quick one this time... Phil Hackett, creator of the controversial News Mobile, has set up a News Mobile history site which you can visit at Newsmobile. Okay?
  07-08-99: Hi, been trying to get the Jeri Ryan Zip to download but it won't, even though it's there, email me and let me know if you are successful, and if not, then I might have to do something about it! Anyway, corrected some errors on this page, and got some email telling me that Phils Web Site is super swish and updated using some cheating software and not using HTML. I don't know what the world's coming to these days! Ah well, I gotta think of something to actually put on my web site ya' know, coz' I just can't think of anything to do... doh!

Hey - here ya go - a mirror site for the Jeri Ryan download of pictures - Jeri Ryan Zip at

  04-08-99: Hello, updated Super Links so now you can find the link to more of my friends web sites... and also I added the link to the Jeri Ryan download along the side... da end...

...almost! tried the Jeri Ryan download, but it wouldn't work, but I assure you it's still there in my directory on Tripod. Eh well, nevermind! Here is something that you might like, so you can tweak Windows some more - and even change the colour of the "blue screen of death"! I saw the link on JC's News and Links to this BSOD Properties and Other Customizations so check it out and have some fun... Josh

  02-07-99: OK! I finally got round to archiving this page!! To see May99 to July99 please click the link at the bottom of this area.

ALSO! I am back on the internet in my house!! So this site should be getting updated fairly often from now on! The 486 Page should be upated the soonest as I have heaps of emails (well, 3) of suggestions. And also I should be updating my Super Links page soon too, as whilst I have been away Jenny Woodward and Chris Brayshaw have set up groovey web sites! Anyway, feel free to email me and I'll write more later...

See archive of May99 to July 99.

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