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The Oliver, Ste and Chris @ Lancaster Web Page!

Okay, so this has just been started and stuff and it's the specially dedicated web page for Oliver, Ste and Chris who, as stated in the Title are at Lancaster [University]. So there you go! Now you know, and now they have there own web page as they demanded, which has been rushed just to statisfy them. But unfortunately there's not actually anything here yet! But there will be - soon - so keep your eyes open (when you're awake) and you'll be okay! Remember you can get a web site for your self from who are better than geocities coz' they don't advertise as much!
We have an update!

what i did today by oliver whitehead
(i hope your parents don't see this - Josh)

its wednesday and i havent been to a single lesson this week. bad news really.

skived a 2 hour lesson (my only one for today) went downtown, bought 2 playstaion games (even though i dont have a playstation, ste does and jess wants to buy me one for christmass), games are wipeout and actua soccer, and they cot just 18 pounds for both. I also bought soulblade weeks ago. i also bought some beer (12 cans worthington, for just 8.99), /great stuff.

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