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Okay with this basic html document you can see this picture in the background that should stay still when you scroll if you are using Internet Explorer 2 and later, if not then I think you will be missing out.

Also worth noting is that this font's base size was set so using basefont size=6 so that I don't have to go setting the size all over the document.

If you are using Netscape Navigator then it's likely that the background picture scrolls with the text.

If you have an extremely high resolution screen and I can't think of enough to write then you might not need to scroll the page, and therefore also miss out - if so, then it should be possible to set the font size in you browsers preferences and make them really large so that you have to scroll, this may especially be necessary if you are using a unix / x windows machine.

(This button doesn't actually do anything - it's just here to make it more obvious.)